Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sicky Poo's

Lily and I. This was the first time I dressed her in an outfit besides a sleeper. I just love the little headband. Normally, I hate them, but this one is really cute. The shirt is one that I bought at scrapbook camp. I love the layered look and the delicate sleeves.
Andrew and Jacob taking a bath together. I just think they look so cute! The bubbles are totally strategic!

You should hear the chorus of coughs in our house right now. Hack, hack, hack and hack again. It's in all different tones and ranges! It could be a cough symphony.
Marcus, Jacob, Jessica and Andrew all have it. We had to skip AWANA tonight because of it.
It seems I've been running all day. I got my hair cut (a couple inches shorter) and then I took Jess shopping for a shirt. We ended up getting a pair of flip flops each and found a really cute long shirt for her. I love the long styles now, because it doesn't show her crack when she bends over in her jeans. I was going to look for a couple of shirts for me, but Jess kept having to go to the bathroom. It was getting annoying. You have to take an elevator to get to the clothing section at Fred Meyers. It's not easy to get to the bathroom when you have to go that way with your cart. I finally gave up, Steve said to come home and and then we would try to go together later that day. So that's what we did. It was so nice, he took all the kids older kids and I took Lily (who slept the whole time) and looked for a couple of cute shirts that were modest. I found 3 and I also got a pair of pants for Yoga. Everything was 40% off the lowest marked price and then I got to take 15% off that with a coupon. It was awesome!
Steve took us out to Shari's because it was so late. Oh, Steve also painted over the nail polish on the door for me. It was so nice of him to do that for me.
I vacuumed all the kids rooms and the playroom today. I threw away a bunch of garbage that was under their beds. It feels good to have it clean in there again. It just gets so gross. I don't get it? It seems like they are never in their rooms. How does it get so messy?
Here are a few more pictures to enjoy...


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That is a fabulous picture of you and Lily. You look gorgeous! She's a great accessory.

Cat said...

I agree with Jackie, who needs a bracelet or a purse when you have two lovely girls beside you! You DO look like a million dollars yourself. Is that why you carry a baby instead of a purse? I hope Lily stays well through the coughs.

OurLilFullFam said...

Lily is just so cute!

Yes, after Piglet was born, I was crazy with the hand sanitizer.

He was born late January and that is prime croup and general nastiness time around here!

But, that nursing pays off well for sure!


candy said...

How beautiful are you!What a gorgeous picture of you and "little Lily". Love it. I'm sorry they are sick. Andrew insisted I was sick now because he kissed me. I said no way I'm not sick he said yes you are because you see we kissed and you got sick.It was cute. His way of warning me. I love that picture of the boys in the tub. Remember when Josh & Marcus did that. Man they grow fast. But now we get to enjoy Josh the sensitive one and helper,and Marcus the Author. Very proud.

Rachel and Family said...

great photos!
praying for all those coughs to go away!

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