Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rachel's Baby Mary Pictures

Here is Rachel with Mary. She's a big girl! She was 10 lbs.
I think Mary looks like Elijah (her second child).
Rachel is doing really well. She is sore, but the bleeding is not too heavy. I guess redheads bleed a lot.
I tried to get a picture of Lily and Mary. It is a terrible picture because she was really fussy. I had the nurses weigh Lily while we were up there. She is now 8.10 lbs! Still, she looked tiny compared to Mary!

I called Candy and she came over to watch the kiddos so I could visit Rach. I hope I can watch some of the kids for them so Paul can go have some time at the hospital without having to bring all the kids with him. I'm also going to give him a meal so he doesn't have to worry about cooking.
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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Mary is so cute! Another red-head, yeah! I've never seen a 10 lb baby before. She doesn't even look like a newborn.

Toni Floyd said...

Hey Stacie, are you planning meals for Rachael? I want to sign up for that if you are. Just let me know. I've got two to three things going on each day Mon, Tue, Wed, and Thu. Can you believe that? It's crazy! I could get a meal to her Thursday, I'd just have to bring it around noon.
The pictures of the Mary and Lilly are cute. Mary looks so much like a Chiounard!!!
By the way, Marcus and Nathan had a great time over here, yesterday. They played about 5 games of chess, had lunch, played playmobile toys, rode scooters and the wagon outside, and then came inside to watch Home Alone. I don't know why my kids like that movie so much!
Talk to you later!

CB said...

WOW what a big, healthy baby!!! Both babies look healthy & beautiful & WOW, what a many new babies!!

OurLilFullFam said...

She looks great and so does the baby. How sweet of you to pitch in and help!

I love chunky babies, but I have never seen a 10 lb baby before. My biggest was 9, I can't imagine 10.

Rachel has beautiful hair!!

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