Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mystery Tree?

Can you tell me what kind of tree this might be? It has these beautiful sweet smelling blooms in the spring.

I'm starting to get straw around my garden beds this time. I'm told it keeps the weeds down. The left bed has strawberries in it, and I've planted Chinese Snow peas in the back of the right bed. I'm do bush beans and tomatoes towards the front.
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CB said...

Is it dogwood? I'm not sure...pretty though!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

No, it's not a dogwood, it almost looks like a lilac, but I know it's not. Any other guesses?

candy said...

I had one of these at the old house but I didn't know what it was. Remember how I knew almost every plant, I don't know any now, not even the ones I did know. It's not in my brain any more. But I am wondering if the tree is a relative to the butterfly bush?I love it it is beautiful.

Cat said...

I'm back and loving your much to see and comment on! I'd take a cutting (including bloom, stem and leaves) to the nursery in Hood River. Spend some time there, it could be a wonderful fiedl trip.

It's snowing here today, but warm and sunny yesterday. I transplanted squashes. I'll be back up and running by Saturday, I hope.

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