Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Flower Beds

My flowers on my walls are starting to bloom. Here is also my "ornamental cherry" tree in all it's pink glory. Just wait till the other cherry tree blooms. It's gorgeous! It has been really cold here this week, but is supposed to get up into the 70's and 80's this weekend. That is when I'm most tempted to buy flowers! But there is no money, so I'll have to resist this year.

Today has been good. Started by running errands when Steve got home. Then we took Jess and Jacob to get their hair cut. They look so cute!

Steve took us to our favorite Mexican restaurant because it's payday. I paid the bills and now we are having a relaxing afternoon.

I got a call that my SIL is having her baby. I can't wait to see if Sonya and Jerry have a boy or a girl! I keep waiting for the phone call. Jess and I will go and visit if she has it at a decent hour today. I just love it when new babies are born!

Steve is getting overtime right now and I'm going to take a nappy-pooh!
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Jessica said...

Yay for new babies! I hope you get to meet your niece or nephew soon!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I can't wait to find out what Sonya's having!

I'm going to try to resist buying flowers this year too since I don't know if we'll be moving or not. You're flower beds look really nice, I don't think you need any flowers.

You'll have to post pictures of Jacob and Jess with their new haircuts.

Amy said...

Beautiful pictures. I do not have a green thumb at all so every summer I buy flowers, they die and I promise to never do it again. I'm hoping our seeds will do well and that we will be able to plant them outside. 70 degrees sounds heavenly!!!! We are hoping for
60's this week.

candy said...

So whats the word, has Sonya had her little one yet. Boy Josh was all a twitter about it taking so lng. He was so cute.
Keith(living in your old house) is digging up the flower bed in front and looks like he is going to put up a new fence. It looks really nice. I talked to him recently and was teasing him saying when we get our yard done "Buddy you better keep up." We were laughing. He is a very nice guy. Now look at our yard eegads!!! I told my sister I want to dig in his dumpster to get your flowers back. I remember how excited you were over them. I think they are not salvageable. Love you

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