Friday, April 17, 2009

Ergo Baby Carrier/ Weird Recipe

This is my favorite baby equipment purchase I have ever made. Most of you might not know that I broke my back when I was 15 in a car accident. When I started having children, I tried all sorts of baby carriers. They all killed my back after about a half an hour. I read about the Ergo in "Above Rubies". Nancy's daughters just couldn't say enough about them. So I ordered one. I LOVED it! I have walked around the state fair all day with a six month old in the Ergo. The Ergo is also great when you have a two year old as well. You can hold on to their hand because your hands are free! My last three babies have loved it!
Lily was fussing and I was trying to make our salad for dinner. She wouldn't stop so I thought I would try putting her in it. She stopped fussing immediately and fell asleep. I didn't have to listen to a fussin' baby while I was cooking and she was very content. For infants you put them in sideways, when they get bigger, their legs straddle your hips. You can wear this on you hip, back or front. The only thing you can't do is put them in front facing forward.
Here is Lily soaking up the sunshine. Her little cheeks are starting to fill out!
I love this picture of Jacob. I was desperate to use up a ton of boiled eggs after Easter so I invented this recipe. I made egg salad, put it on whole wheat bread, added a slice of ham lunch meat and then a slice of Colby Jack cheese. I cooked it at 350 until it was melted and served it for breakfast. Some of the kids liked it and some didn't.
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Jessica said...

Awesome carrier! I don't have one, but I understand back trouble. I suffered a life-long back injury in high school, and can't use the typical old-school baby carriers either, not even around the house for more than 10-15 min--and that was with my daughter who was TINY! My sis-in-law (Gathering Lilies), who's so passionate about baby carrying, helped me decide on getting a Moby for my son. Actually only used it a couple times, primarily got it for the purpose of walking around a fair-type event when he was a few months old, and it worked wonderfully! So glad you found a way to get through dinner prep and enjoy baby snuggles!

Rachel and Family said...

I was sold over 2 years ago when you convinced me!! I love my ergo!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I love the Ergo, too. In fact I put Hailey in it not too long ago when she was 18 months old. She had a fever and I needed to get dinner done, so put her in it and she was happy while I was able to make dinner. Lily looks great in it, Stace! And you are right, her cheeks are starting to fill out.

Toni Floyd said...

I LOVE my ergo! I would never use any other baby carrier! We still use ours for Calvin and he's 2 and a half. When they get older, just adjust the ergo to be on your back and your kiddo rides back there. It's fabulous! ERGO's are the best!!!! Wish I had known about them with my other children!

CB said...

I love my Ergo too, it has been perfect for the beach here, since it has that wonderful hood, it protects the baby from sandy wind blowing in his face. My husband wore our toddler throughout my pregnancy on his back. I love it that even HE can use it :) I also love my Storch wrap, it's my favorite for comfort. It is a little too much material for the hawaiian weather, but I still use it around the house sometimes!

You look so awesome !! & Your baby is SO sweet !! & your recipe is a GREAT idea!!!

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