Friday, April 17, 2009

Crazy Northwest Weather!

So Wednesday it is cold, windy and wants to rain. The next day it's so warm the the kids were begging to run in the sprinkler! In the Northwest we can sometimes have the heater on at night and the air conditioner on during the day time. I love the sunshine. It makes the flowers bloom! I even put straw in between the rows of my garden and raspberry bushes. I love to be outside and in my yard weeding or planting.
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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

OK, it is so not that warm here. I can't believe they were in the sprinkler!

candy said...

It was a beautiful day. But... running through the sprinkler, I would never have thought of it. Your kids are amazing. We walked around and looked at all the weeds, and were amazed to see tulips coming up in a lot of places. What a blessing.

CB said...

Sounds wonderful! Please pray we will have a "home" soon to call our own, to have gardens & take care of! We are moving next month off the island & praying Jon will find a good job & we'll get into a nice home. We'll be living with our parents until then. Thank you!

Love your stories, you are so filled with a refreshingly positive attitude toward life, even after having a new baby. You must be on cloud 9 like I normally am after giving birth. It's such a relief not to be pregnant anymore & also to have such a brand new sweet miracle...then, all of life seems like such a miracle (as it truly IS). Isn't it a blessing to be a Mama? You are truly blessed!!!!

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