Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Boys Buy the Pizza!

Josh and Marcus were asking if I could order a pizza for dinner. I really didn't want to so I through out, "if you want to buy it, you can order it." They had just deposited their money in the bank account so they didn't have any cash on hand. I told them they could earn it. I didn't think they would go for that. But they got inspired! They decided to go for it. I had to hurry to think of a bunch of chores for them to do.

This is what they did:

Josh: washed windows on the inside, cleaned all the cupboards and appliance fronts in the kitchen, swept the kitchen, bathroom, utility room and the dining room, and washed all the doors in the house

Marcus: vacuumed all the bedrooms and made my bed, he cleaned my bathroom and washed down both bathtubs, and he mopped the dining room.

I think that was worth 15 bucks, don't you?

The cool thing about this is that I was just praying to God this morning during my Bible study and telling Him how frustrated I am that I don't ever get to deep clean much. I want so much to be able to keep up with the housework, but some days it just doesn't happen. I'm lucky if I can cook, clean the kitchen, homeschool, sweep the kitchen floor, do the dishes and do 4 loads of laundry each day. I know it will get easier when Lily is older, I just hate living in a dirty house. So God answered my prayers today. Isn't that wonderful?

Andrew even chipped in $2 out of his bank. They were all so proud of themselves and I think that pizza even tasted better because of their hard work.

All for a pizza...


Jessica said...

Wow, you hired help and a pizza treat for dinner all in one day! Lucky lady! All moms have been there...with the new(est) baby and lack of deep cleaning! It's good you see the light at the end of the will get easier like you said! Wow, my kids are 10 mo and 28 mo, but maybe when they're bigger they'll clean our house and buy pizza, too! (KyKy already thinks sweeping is fun, as well as wiping down AnYtHiNg with a cloth/wipes, so maybe she's on her way!) Way to go kids, those are some boys you can be proud of!

candy said...

Wow!!! I am so proud of you boys. You are so much help to your family. I remember when you helped me after surgery, water my flowers. I know how wonderful it felt to not have to worry about my flowers dying.I know Mom feels so much relief not seeing all the mess any more. Good job!!! I'll get to see how clean everything is, tomorrow.

Jessica said...

Stacie, that's exactly why I added that blog...those family moments w/ the hubby aren't as frequent as we'd like! In a better photo you'd have seen our eyes get bloodshot from exhaustion...we have to stay up late to play games and/or talk (he gets home many nights around 10pm). Ironically, my hubby worked a 9-5 job when it was just the two of us. A few months after Kyleigh was born he made a job change, and started working crazy hours. Three months into it he got promoted, which meant even more ridiculous hours and weekends and we immediately found out we were expecting Josiah. So now it's two kids and little-to-no family time, whereas when it was just the two of us the schedule was far better. We can't really go to church as a family or make friends as a couple or anything like that as things are goin' now. It makes him sad (me too), and he's seeking a change because time means more than money or anything else does to us--not that he makes a lot of money, but we're willing to live off even less if it means better family life. We've been praying through this and I've helped send out his resumes and we're waiting on the Lord. We know he's got something great...and we're hoping he shows us soon! I hope you find some precious time w/ your whole family, too!

CB said...

Awesome, I'm not surprised, my boys would have had the same reaction. They love challenges like that! :) Awesome!!!!

Cat said...

What brilliance the LORD displays when He gives you ideas that your boys take and run with. They ran with the horses yesterday! And pizza to boot. May God bless you with a cleaner house and more pizza in the days to come!

Robin said...

Oh honey - been there!
It gets easier but it also gets more expensive because they get older and can do MORE jobs and do them faster. ;)

Naomi said...

Well the things that you "barely" manage to get done just exhaust me listening to .

OurLilFullFam said...

How neat Stacie! You should be proud of them, and I bet that pizza did taste better!


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