Friday, March 6, 2009

Ugly Couch to Pretty Couch!


I did a face lift on our old $35 couch that we have had for 10 years! I found this cover for $65 and some cute throw pillows with little beads on the edges. I know the beads won't last with the kids, but I just wanted something pretty for a change! Someone is going to give us another couch (the other one is broken) and I will do the same thing with it. I've never had matching furniture before! I know, I'm seriously nesting. But even Steve liked it!
AFTER: Isn't that amazingly different? I just love the brown against that greenish blue carpet.
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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I can't believe the difference! That is gorgeous! I'm really happy for you.

Amy said...

It looks so nice :) I am dying to get new furniture but it's so not in the budget now. Our couch is about 13 years old and it is completely falling apart. Because it is oversized I can never find a couch cover to fit it. I did cover the ripped cushions with a fitted sheet and that has worked pretty well. I love the pattern of yours. You did a wonderful job!!!

Anonymous said...

The couch looks so good. Good job. Was it hard to put on?I just think it is great.

Candy said...

Oh that wasn't anonymous, that was me, Candy. Hi.I am so glad your back. You don't even know how much I missed you.

Cat said...

The couch looks great. Your living room will be really up-scale when you get the other one with a matching cover. I love it!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Thanks, ladies! You know, it does take some tucking (which is kind of heart when you are 9 months pregnant)and adjusting. But it was worth it. I love the fact that I can take it off and WASH it anytime I want!

Amy, that must be frustrating. I guess I would probably start saving money in an envelope for a new couch. It doesn't sound like there is much you can do unless you go online and look for oversized slipcovers.

Robin said...

I'm a big user of covers. Our sofa and loveseat are going on 22 years! yikes!!

Your changes looks fabulous.

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