Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Happenings/ Lily's Birth Story

Jessica meets her little sister, Lily. My mom is in the background.
My "Impatients" are getting impatient. I look forward to seeing these delightful little yellow flowers. It means daffodils are next!

My miniature daffodils are starting to bloom!

A primrose that I was given at the Fire Department Banquet. I put it in my wishing well bucket.
As for an update on our family. We are doing well. Getting used to having to talk a little quieter is hard on the kids. They all love Lily and are constantly asking to hold her.
Jacob is not showing any signs of jealousy. He just always wants to know where Lily is. He lights up when he sees her in the morning and comes and gives her smooches.
Jessica and I are constantly fighting over who is going to dress her! We both want our way! I knew it would be like that. She is in love with Lily and is thrilled to not be the only girl anymore.
Steve has been running errands for me and has been a great help in the evenings with Lily. If I can get two hours of sleep from 8-10 or so I feel pretty good the next day. I usually doze in between fussy baby and feedings until morning.
My hips are in pretty bad shape right now. I am trying to rest and take Motrin. I'm hoping that the inflammation will go down over time. It hurts still to sit long and I can't carry Jacob at all.
The delivery was fast and furious. On Sunday evening, I took a bath and had a few contractions and my back started hurting. I prayed that God would not tease me. I either wanted the contractions to go away or I wanted to have the baby. God said "yes" to the latter! I sat down on the couch to watch a movie with Steve and proceeded to drink some more water. Two contractions later my water broke all over the couch! I called Candy and asked her to come watch the kids. I could hardly speak over the phone because the contractions were hurting so bad. That is very unusual for me. It felt like I was already transitioning! We managed to throw a few things together and then Steve took me to the hospital. He grabbed a wheelchair and wheeled me in. They immediately got me in a bed and checked me. I was at a 5 or 6. I couldn't believe it! This is within 15 minutes after my water breaking! They tried to get an IV in me. They missed 3 times, I was so annoyed and was a little cranky about it. I knew I was having back labor at that point and my massage therapist hadn't shown up yet. I asked if I could have an epidural and they said that the doctor wasn't available because he was going in to do a C-Section. I got the urge to push suddenly and Steve was on the hunt for a doctor. They caught the doc before he started his C-Section! He came back to help me. I pushed about 5 or 6 times and she was out! She was face-up, so that is why it was so painful. So from start to finish my total labor was 1 1/2 hours! Wow! It was crazy!
So the massage therapist wasn't able to do anything during the labor, but she gave me a nice massage after it. So it didn't turn out exactly the way I was hoping, but it worked.
We got out of the hospital on Tuesday and it has been pretty mellow ever since. We just came back from Casa El Mirador with the Chouinards. It was so nice spending time with them. Their kids were so cute as they met Lily. They are so looking forward to their own baby being born pretty soon.
Lily is a little jaundiced right now, but now that my milk is coming in, I'm nursing her like crazy hoping that her numbers will not be too high so that she doesn't have to go under the lights. They will check tomorrow when I go for my follow-up appointment. So we'll see...
That's about it. Just trying to rest, get some sleep when I can and get the kids to and from Vacation Bible School. I'm so glad Steve is home!


Rachel and Family said...

I'm heading into VBS, but stopped to check my emails and blogs...I'm so glad you posted today! Your gardens always look so beautiful Stacie!! You have that magic and patient touch. I struggle to keep my two houseplants alive.
We had a great time at lunch. It is always good to visit with you all. We just love you guys! And you, my friend, are looking mighty fine for just having a baby!!

Amy said...

What a story!!! I can't believe you are out and about all ready. Good for you!!! Glad to hear you are all doing well and that there is no sibling rivalry yet.

Cat said...

A wonderful story of Lily's birth, Stacie. I'm glad things are going along pretty well, and I'm glad for Jessica!

CB said...

Wow, what a great birth story...I could almost feel your pain! I'm so glad it was quick for you!!
Loves & Hugs!

candy said...

Lily's birth story doesn't stop there Stacie. Daniel was at the hospital, it was his friends sister having the c-section with her first child. I'll tell you the rest of the story later. I really want to come over and see our new little one. I was just telling Dennis I cannot believe you had the baby already. God is so good. Love you

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