Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sleep Eludes Me Still

I asked my husband how in the world I can go so long without sleep? He simply said, "God". Duh! Oh, my I feel like I'm in a fog. Another night of no sleep. I did manage to pray up each of my children last night as I lay there.

Before Steve left for work I started to cry. He hates it when I do that, but I told him it is good for me to let my emotions out every now and then. The thought of facing the day with five kids who want their own way about everything was enough to make me cry!

I need God's strength. I have none of my own at this point. I need a nap! Steve told me to put the kids in front of a movie and give them popcorn. I think I will.

St. Patrick's Day was nice. Steve ran to the store and bought a corn beef for us all and threw it in the crockpot. I'm so glad that man is not afraid to cook. He watched the kids while I went and got my bangs trimmed, went to the Post Office and then had a prenatal massage. The massage felt really good, but I was too long in one position and it made my hips ache something terrible. She did some pressure points, but I don't think it was long enough to get anything moving. I go see John (my other massage therapist) tomorrow. He might be able to do something. After he did the pressure points with my sister she was in full labor with Hailey in two hours. Wouldn't that be nice?

I'm still trying to pack, I should probably make some kind of list. I just remembered a toothbrush last night and my vitamens. I am trying to line up people to watch the kids.

The kids have AWANA tonight, unless they lose time off their bedtime. I'm secretly hoping they will, then we won't have to go. It makes it for a late night. They don't get to bed realistically until 8:45 or so. They are always so wound up afterwards either. They give them tons of candy.

I'm going to pull out one of those handy-dandy meals that I have in the freezer. I was going to save them for when the baby comes, but I guess it makes more sense to do use them when Steve is not here to help me.


Cat said...

My precious friend, give them popcorn, give them time off bed, give them whatever YOU need to get through this day. I pray the massage works tomorrow, as I know how you are struggling. I pray you can think of a way to get them to Awanas without you if they don't get enough time off their bedtime to exclude them at Awanas. Have you thought about asking someone to come and take them, or asking them to give it up for one night? Just a thought...and a prayer.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I'm so sorry you weren't able to sleep again. I pray the Holy Spirit will fill you up and give you the supernatural strength it is going to take for you to get through today.

Just take it as easy as you possibly can. I pray tomorrow's massage will work for you.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Josh got in trouble for not doing his chores in time, so he will be going to bed early. Jess the same thing, so I will have three in bed (with Josh in charge) while I take the five minutes to pick them up. This means, Jacob can go down at his normal bedtime and I don't end up carrying him as he is so tired and sleepy.

Also, Jackie, the fridge was driving me crazy, so I told Marcus he could have 30 minutes video game time if he cleaned it. He did an excellent job! Thank you so much for suggesting it. I didn't even think about having one of them clean it. It looks so much better and I feel better having it done.

I put in a movie this morning and rested for about 45 minutes without any interruptions. It was wonderful.

I am fighting a headache right now and I think I need to drink more water and take a Tylenol.

My friend, Candy asked if she could come over and watch the kids for me. It was so sweet. But with me not homeschooling today I think I'll be OK. There is way less friction that way.

I decided to not pull out one of those dinners, instead have Marcus help me make a clam chowder. They have been begging for it again and it is pretty easy.

Rachel and Family said...

You're doing a great job Stacie. Take it easy on yourself and do what you need to with the kids so that you can rest! My sleep has gotten somewhat better this past week. But you, my friend, are off the charts!! I'm sure that is really affecting you. I'm praying hard for you to get some relief!

Margaret said...

You can do it, you can do it, you can do it and you WILL do it.....He is going to make sure of that. Hang in is only days..please God..I think everyone has to pitch in while you suffer. That is what families are support, work together for the common good(of course that mom be happy). I love you woman and keep praying and hoping for that little is only a matter of days... YOU can do it.

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