Friday, March 27, 2009

Lily's Follow Up Appointment

Lily is doing so well! Her jaundice numbers were not real high so we escaped the lights! I'm so glad. I just wanted to get home. I did make the mistake of carrying Lily in the car seat into the hospital. Not smart! By the time I got to the nurse's station, by muscles in my stomach were killing me. I rested while they weighed and measured her. She lost only 7% of her body weight, so she is down to 6.8 lbs. She just so tiny and cute! Then I had to carry her back to the car. I won't be doing that again.

Steve took the Jessica, Andrew and Jacob to Hood River. They ate Chinese food and then went and played at a park. He came home and then met a friend at the park with all the older kids. It's nice they are getting out.

My dad came to visit Lily today. It was very sweet. You could tell he just loved her.

Steve is off getting the kids from VBS (last one). He ran to the library to maybe find a movie we can watch tonight.

I thawed out a meal I had in my freezer for tonight (Chicken Shepherd's Pie).

I have about 15 lbs to lose at this point. Not too bad. I know it will come off while nursing. I have to tell you, now that my milk has come in that I am ravenously hungry! I need to buy some snacks that aren't chocolate or get enough energy to make a cake or something. I feel like I'm starving in between meals.

Tomorrow Mom is going to meet Steve in Arlington and pick up Josh, Marcus, Jess and Andrew to take them to a fireworks show in Pendleton. It will be just for the night and then she'll bring them home on Sunday. Josh will go over the mountain to Aunt Jackie's house until Friday. She'll be coming to meet Lily on Friday and then we are trying to get away for our birthday for tea on Saturday. I'm hoping Steve will watch all of our kids (except Lily) and her two. That would be such a nice present to both of us. I can't believe I'm going to be 34! Where does the time go. I still feel like I'm in my twenties!


Amy said...

Stacie you are doing such a wonderful job and you look amazing!!!! I am so happy that everything is going well for you :) I made that mistake with the car seat too a few times. Do you have the car seat/stroller combo because that is a lifesaver. Jacob looks so sweet in that picture sitting on your bed checking his little sis out. What a good boy. Keep us the great work girl you are doing awesome. I wish I live closer so I could bring you some meals over and help you out. Oh well....

Jessica said...

So excited for the arrival of your sweet Lily! And oh, yes, it's surprising how heavy those car seat carriers really can be, eh? Take it easy--and it's ok to ask for help! (I'm honestly stubborn with that, so stubborn, so I can say I've learned it's really ok to ask!)

Rachel and Family said...

That's great that Lily's jaundice isn't to bad. Yay! No lights! The sun is out, stick her in front of a window.

Steve is such a great daddy! Way to go shuttling the kids all over!

You look great Stacie! You always lose the weight quick anyway!

Praying you lots of rest and sleep!

Cat said...

I would bring you some congo bars and homemade applesause if I were there, sorry. Home-made bread and jam is another treat I'd bring you, some wholesome snacks for the babe at your breat.

CB said...

So glad she doesn't have to go under the lights...You are doing great! I hope the inflammation in your back heals up quick! (I will pray for you)! I am so proud & happy for you!! You have such a wonderful/beautiful family!!!

OurLilFullFam said...

She is just so sweet! I am so glad she is doing better, all my kids got juandice, but no lights. My doc said go outside for 5 minutes twice a day in some sunlight.

I know what you mean about the hunger, it is unbelievable isn't it?

Those car seats aren't heavy and the baby isn't heavy, but that combo makes for a huge toddler-like weight for sure. That is something I don't understand about physics for sure!

I hope you are feeling better soon!

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