Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Candy's Scrapbook Pages

I just had to show off my friend, Candy's scrapbook pages. I love her style. it' busier than mine, but she makes it looks sooooo good! you would not believe what all she does to her pages. She sews on them and everything! The first one is Makenna with Jacob. Makenna loves babies and we just found out that her momma is going to have one. She will be in heaven when she gets to hold one all of the time.
This is a double layout of my kids. Isn't this adorable? She takes really great pictures, too. Great job, Candy! You inspired me. I just went online and ordered 176 pictures! Yikes! I need another scrapbook camp to get those all done. After the baby comes maybe we can all get together and send Steve on a mini-vacation? Think about it, ladies....You know who I'm talking too...!
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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

So cute! She's really good. I have so many pictures to do, it is just overwhelming. We need to pick a date!

candy said...

Wow 176 pictures! How fun! Thank you for the compliments. There is not much I can do but scrapbook sometimes. So I have been catching up,but not really. I am ready for scrapbook camp. I have anni. pictures 25yrs.-31yrs. Help!

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