Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blessing Shower Part 1

This is the Music room in our church. Now that we don't have a choir, it is really a meeting room. It was stuffed with ladies! Probably about 30 plus people.
This is Diana, my stepmom. She was cutting the cake. She and Jackie put the blessing shower on for Sonya (my SIL and I).
OK, am I spoiled or what? I got massages, toe nails clipped and painted. It was sweet! I felt very blessed!
Jackie made these gorgeous crowns of flowers for us. We ate, opened gifts, and people shared wisdom with us and thoughts on mothering. The best part was at the end when they laid hands on us and prayed.
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Rachel said...

You deserve to be spoiled rotten!!! You're such a great lady!!

Naomi said...

Stace it looks like you had a lovely time. I love the concept of this blessing shower. Not long to go now.

Cat said...

You are absolutely darling! What a fun time, and a 'divine' idea for a baby shower, huh!

CB said...

Stacy, you look so beautiful (esp in that last pic) you are just glowing!! How fun!!

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