Friday, March 6, 2009

Almost There!

Here I am, 36 weeks. I'm really poking out!
Rachel came over and I got snapped this cute picture of her. I just loved her green top with her red hair.
Jess took this picture of our bellies. This is the third pregnancy that we have been "prego buddies" on! Can you believe it? Usually, she's ahead of me, this time she's behind me about two weeks. We are both doing good. I'm just struggling with my hips hurting. God is getting me through it and I can't wait to deliver!
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Amy said...

I cannot believe you are almost to your due do you look so wonderful?????

Candy said...

You look beautiful. When MaKenna and I were watching the kids and you came home and walked to the door, we both said "Oh man she is big". Your tummy must have grown a bunch since the last time I saw you.It looks so cute. Rachel looks so beautiful too. Let her know I read her blogs too. I love reading them.

Cat said...

You both look wonderful! Have you each got matching names picked out? Can you share them, or are they secrets until the birth?

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I don't know what Rachel's names are. But I know they do Biblical names. I know she would really like another boy.

For us it will be Elizabeth Marie (or Ellie for short), a boy would be Isaac Robert (Robert is after Steve's adopted father who was killed when Steve was three. He was a pastor).

You guys are so sweet! We are both feeling like whales.

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