Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sick Kids and Imaginations

Well , we got the bug. The three littlest ones have a cold. So I opted to not go spread the wealth at church today. Diana (my step mom) is going to take the two oldest to the service for me. I'm so glad. I hate to miss Communion Sunday. It is important for that reflection and getting right with God.
The little ones are watching Prince of Egypt. Andrew seems to be really interested in Moses. It will make good discussion since the movie is not exactly accurate. I'm not afraid of that, I think it makes great dialogue.

The boys are really into Survivorman. Great show! Here are some pictures of how they used their imagination to create a shelter for themselves. I just love some of the things they come up with! It's homeschooling at it's finest!
Today should be VERY mellow. I'm looking forward to it. I will have to drop Josh off and pick him up at the ACTS Superbowl Bash. He can't wait. He is getting his MVP award in front of everyone. I wish I could be there. Steve has to work, so he can't be there either. I think he is getting a trophy and everything.
I read an amazing book in one day yesterday. I literally couldn't put it down. It's called, "Same Kind of Difference as Me". Catherine, you would love it! I don't think I have ever bawled like that over a book before. It took me off guard and I had to hide in the bedroom so the kiddos wouldn't worry about me. I have a whole different set of eyes towards the homeless and towards anyone who is suffering cancer. I highly recommend it. It puts Christianity and religion to the test and all of our pat answers that we give people who are suffering. I was so engrossed in it I didn't do my Bible study that day. So today I made up for it. It's not really a chore anymore, it is such a pleasure. I can't wait to learn something new!
I think I might make some caramel corn for the kids and play Monopoly with Marcus while Jacob is sleeping. Marcus wanted so badly to go to the ACTS thing, but he is one year away from being old enough. So we'll do something special. We both love Monopoly! I just have to be careful not to sit too long.
The dog is doing great. She is so quiet, I forget she is here until I see her all stretched out on the floor and almost trip over her! I am so glad I prayed over the perfect dog for our family. I believe God has blessed us it.
Pray for little Andrew, he's the sickest right now. He keeps sneezing and coughing. He doesn't know how to blow his nose, so he keeps sniffing it all in then he gets mad because he can't breathe!


candy said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Jacob and Andrew aren't well. Wyatt has a cold too. He went up to the alter and asked for prayer this morning. MaKenna has a sore throat. I meant to give them air borne before they went home but I forgot. Wyatt doesn't know how to blow his nose either. He uses a hand towel to wipe his nose because he doesn't like the feel of kleenex.I'll pray for your family to be healthy and strong.

CB said...

I hope that the kiddos get well real soon! That book sounds awesome!! I love the "shelters" your kids made, how fun. We also love Survivor Man...he is on the SkyAngel iptv on the Discover channel & also we get him on Netflix sometimes. I wish we lived in the country though, we live in the city in a cluster of apartments all stuck together. My kids would have so much fun doing what your kids were able to do after seeing that show!!

Amy said...

I'm sorry your kids caught "The Bug". Your dog is so cute. Love the big paws. Our dog was pretty mellow at 6 months and he has stayed that way :)

I will post the recipe for the laundry detergent in the next couple days.

Cat said...

Cute shelter the boys made, Stacie. I'm sorry about the illness too, it is so hard with little ones to blow, to cough and spit out the nasties. Kimber used to tell me she had "honey nose" when she was tiny. I will look into the book; I'd just seen a review about it in a Christian magazine. Have you thought about eliminating the interesting word we have to type to leave a comment?

Cat said...

I just looked at my library connections to see if I could get the book. I can't yet; maybe it is too new.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Hope everyone gets well soon. We loved the shelters! So the dog isn't drugged after all (LOL)?

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