Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Question

The Question

Written in 2008

Dear Mothers,

This morning I was lying in bed praying for my children. One of the things I often pray for is that they would make their faith their own. I don’t want them to just believe because I’ve taught them to believe. I want them to see that God is real for themselves! That He speaks to them and wants a relationship with them.

After breakfast that same morning, I was reading my children a story about a Muslim who persecuted Christians, but then became a Christian after experiencing the love of those he was trying to intimidate. He then became the persecuted. Josh, my nine-year old, asked me the “scary question”. This is the question that all Christian parents dread. He said, “But mom, what if it’s all a joke? What if God isn’t really real?” I immediately reminded him of his brother, Andrew’s, bunk bed accident. I told him, “Andrew wouldn’t be with us today if God wasn’t real.” I then went back through the past few years. I reminded him of how God answered our prayers for a larger house for our growing family, how we wouldn’t even have had the last three children if God hadn’t spoken to me about it and changed my heart. I shared with him, that I wouldn’t be homeschooling if the Lord hadn’t kept bugging me about it until I finally said, “Yes!” My husband went on and on for about an hour dialoguing with him about God. Taking him back to Creation, to the forgiveness of sins, to what would it be like to be an atheist without hope.

It was WONDERFUL! What an opportunity God gave me to share once again “the hope that lies within us”. It was a direct answer to my prayer that I had spoken that morning to my loving God.

Josh was so inspired that he wanted to lead someone to the Lord “right then”! So he asked if he could help get Jesus into Andrew’s heart. It was precious to see him lead his little brother to the Lord! I told him that it is very important that his brothers and sisters hear about Jesus from him and that he has a huge responsibility as a big brother to help teach them.

Praise God for His goodness and his immediate answer to my prayer! Don’t be afraid or intimidated by “The Question”. It will happen and it should happen. You want them to be thinking for themselves and coming to those logical conclusions on their own about the realness of our invisible God. It is our job to facilitate those discussions and encourage them in their growing faith and of course, pray, pray and pray some more!

May God bless you as you endeavor to teach your young ones about their Savior and Friend, Jesus.

From One Mom to Another,


Cat said...

Oh, what a HUGE responsibility you and Steve have, Stacie. You both take is seriously, and the results, the harvest, is more than we can think or imagine!

Amy said...

What a proud mom you must be!!!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That is awesome, Stace! Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

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