Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Little Helpers

When Marcus spent the night with a friend he came back with this easy meal that the mom made. He kept going on and on about how delicious it was, so I told him he could make it for dinner last night. Under direction, he cooked the pasta, browned the hamburger, mixed in the spaghetti sauce then put cheddar cheese on top. He also made corn. It was very kid friendly and very easy. He was very proud of himself! I told him his wife will love him if he can cook a meal for her! I also taught him how to make French Toast for breakfast yesterday. I'm so glad he's interested in cooking. When he is more proficient at it he will be a huge help to me!

Jacob and Andrew are helping unload the dishwasher. They actually do pretty well at it. Jacob likes to put silverware in cupboards, though.

Jacob loves to put clothes in the washing machine. It's just his height! It is nice not having to bend over as much even though it takes longer to let him load it. He's so proud of himself.

The last picture is of my growing girth! I am 32 weeks now and feel like a whale!

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Amy said...

You are so lucky!!!! I have such a hard time getting my kids to help. I think it is probably my fault because I am not real consistent. I know you feel like a whale but you look great!!

CB said...

Those pictures are so adorable & how wonderful of you big guy to cook dinner!!! All mine love to help out & cook dinner too!

Cat said...

When my kids were 9 and 10 I went to work full time. They each cooked a full meal for the family one night a week. They decided what to fix on Saturday so the fixin's would be there for them. They also had to do the clean-up for the meal that night. They each did a load of laundry on Saturday too. One did jeans, one did whites. It was SO helpful. And they are both very good cooks. About whales: they ARE gray, you are wearing gray; they aren't pretty; but YOU are!

Anonymous said...

You are NOT as bug as a whale! You look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

That should read BIG.

Where is my spellchecker?

You are a beautiful pregnant lady.

Love, Beth
New Jersey

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

You all are so sweet!

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