Saturday, February 21, 2009

Marcus Turns Author

Oops, these pictures are in the wrong order. Nana Diana has been encouraging Marcus to write his own books. He loves Ted Arnold's "Fly Guy" series and decided to make his own. He wrote "Fly Girl" first and now has written and illustrated about Fly Guy and Fly Girl's wedding. They are very cute! Diana made them into books and has been giving them to her second grade class to read. They loved them! She also sent copies to Ted Arnold and made Marcus his own copies. The picture above shows a sweet note from all of Diana's kids, thanking Marcus for writing these books and begging for more. I think his next book will be their honeymoon!
Nana and Marcus with his two books and another thank you letter.
If you click on this picture you can bring it up and read part of the story. The pictures are really cute, too.
This one is a little closer so you can see it better. We are all very proud of Marcus, and thankful to Diana for her sweetness of getting him started. I have not had the time to do something like this. She is an awesome Nana!
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David and Margaret said...

Congratulations Marcus. You are a published man. How fun that the 2nd grade gets to read them too. Keep it up.

Cat said...

What a great accomplishment for Marcus! Congratulations. I think he is ready for the Michael Hoeye books: Time Stops for No Mouse is the first one.

CB said...

That book is so awesome & what a cute story & LOVE the illustrations!! What a great idea!!

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