Saturday, February 21, 2009

Impromptu Tea Party!

I have been wanting to take my MIL, Ethel to ANZAC Tea Parlor since it opened several years ago. It just has never worked out. So this morning, I called to see if we could get reservations. We were able to to get it (barely)! Ethel was thrilled to get out and do something "girlie" with two of her granddaughters! Callie and Jessica did an amazing job with their tea manners and you should have seen those two devour the cucumber sandwiches and down their three or four cups of tea!
Jessica was thrilled to get the cup her mom got last time with the golden leaf handle.
Jessica took this picture of Ethel, Callie and I. We really did have a lovely time. I didn't even need to use my gift certificate Steve got me for Valentine's Day. Ethel treated me for my coming up birthday! Wasn't that sweet? She later told me it was the highlight of the trip. It made me feel so good! I have the best In-Laws in the whole world.
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How wonderful! My little hometown had a nice tea cottage which my mom took me to a couple of times with one of my friends (and her mom). It was lovely, but I remember thinking, "I wish there were burgers."

Guess burgers and warm tea don't go together. :)

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