Monday, February 23, 2009

Callie, Jacob's Toy, UNO, and Life

This is Callie, Steve's brother's daughter. We are just getting to know her and it has been such a pleasure. Vern and Ethel bring her up to spend the night on their way from Salem. All the cousins enjoy playing with her. They had a great time on the trampoline this time.
This is a little doggie vacuum. It's so cute and it actually picks up some dirt!

Steve plays UNO with Callie and the kids. He was very patient!

As for life, the last couple of days have been busy and my internet has been down. The Lord spoke to me about my computer habits and challenged me to fast from the computer on Sundays. Oh my, I was surprised at how much I depend on my computer! The pull was unbelievable when things quieted down. I prayed more, read some Christian magazines, read to the kids and did my Bible study. It felt good to put my attentions on my Lord where they should be.

I am feeling lots of contractions. It is all good. I like knowing that my body is preparing itself for the birth. I am almost 5 weeks away from birth! Yeah!

Steve and I got to go on a date Saturday. Candy and Dennis watched the kids so we could go to the Fire Department Awards Banquet. It was relaxing and the food was very good. I just couldn't eat much of it. I had a bite of Steve's prime rib and man was it good!

Church was great on Sunday. Pastor Don told us what we were doing right as a church and was really encouraging. He said that the church is much more unified then when he first came. What a blessing to hear!

Pastor Steve should have started his Chemo yesterday. I hope all goes well for him and he has no adverse reactions to it.

It rained and rained today. The floor is caked with mud. I swept it twice today and finally gave up. Tomorrow, I'm going to have the kids clean it. They made the mess!

Steve is supposed to come home tonight. I'm hoping that we can watch "Against All Odds". It is all about the miracles that God has done for Isreal. Catherine recommended and I am very excited to see it.

Last night I got one and a half hour's sleep. I'm just praying that tonight will be better. I have Mom's Morning Out tomorrow (there will be a talk on submission) and then Tae Kwon Do. I will homeschool in the afternoon, so a nap is out.

I got a short massage today from the lady who is doing my prenatal massages. It felt really good. We talked more about the delivery and I am getting excited to try something new. I still need to break the news to Dr. Faherty that there will be one more person in the room. Steve isn't too sure about it, but I think he wants me to be as comfortable as possible. It's free, so I don't mind trying it at all. It can't hurt anything! When it's baby number six, you don't mind trying something new.

I'm getting excited to see all my friends at a baby shower this Sunday that my sis and stepmom are giving me. I haven't had a baby shower since my first baby. It will be fun to see everyone.

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Amy said...

Free massages....that sounds heavenly!!!! I don't think it will hurt anything to try something new. I will be praying that this will work for you :) How exciting to have a baby shower! I'm sure after 5 kids you could probably use some new baby things. I hope you have a wonderful time!!

CB said...

I'm so excited for you about this new baby & upcoming delivery....I think have her there would be wonderful! Do you have all your babies with no pain meds? I wanted to try the Bradley method this last time, to encourage myself not to do the epidural..but it didn't work out. God made a way for me not to have an epi though (just like I prayed) by giving me a very quick delivery. How awesome about your baby shower too! I also haven't had one in years....I had 1 for my first, & then 1 for my 3rd (only girl)..they are so much fun & a wonderful way to celebrate new life!!! Have a great time!!

Cat said...

When we give up something for the LORD, and it is hard, that tells us where we've placed the LORD in our lives. Oh, my I'm glad you accomplished it! And will the massage person be massaging you as you labor? Is that why she'll be in the room? My granddaughter is due is April too, and she's been having contractions. I'm excited to be a GREAT-grandma!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Callie looks so sweet. I bet she and Jessica have a wonderful time playing together.

Jonathan said...

Everyone's going on dates. My sister just visited our parents, left the kids with them one night and went out on a movie date. I can't remember the last time I had a night out with Crystal. We don't really trust anyone here on the island. Hopefully we'll be back on the mainland soon. Crystal and I usually watch movies after the kids go to bed. The last couple of nights I've been whooping her at chess.

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