Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Loss

We have had really bad luck with animals lately. Margaret was over watching the kids while I took Josh to his dermatology appointment. Her son, Liam, found Belle (our Nubian goat) laying in the shed barely breathing. Marcus was really upset. She was on death's door. Steve was gone (of course) so I called my back up, my dad. I turned the TV up while he came and took care of her and then took her away. I was so thankful that he dealt with it and it was done within a half hour. Marcus cried and cried.

The rest of the kids took it well. She was really old and I could tell she wasn't doing really well the past week. So another one bites the dust. I asked Dad if we really stink at taking care of the animals, and he said no, they are just old.

On a positive note, Josh finally got in to see the dermatologist and they said that the large rash on his neck is fungal. The steroid cream that was given to us made it worse, so that is why it kept spreading. He told us to get some athlete's foot cream and put it on morning and night. We are sooooo glad it isn't psoriasis! So that is a huge praise. Josh was very relieved because he has watched his dad suffer from psoriasis and knows what it is all about.

Steve just got home from being at work and a pediatric recertification class, he is now playing with his new chainsaw and is having a ball burning everything he cuts down! Men are too funny!
I can hear again, but I'm still not 100 percent well. I only have a day and a half left of antibiotics, so I need to kick this thing quick otherwise I'm going to have to go to the doctor again.


Cat said...

I'm so sorry about Belle, and especially Marcus for the loss of Belle. You take good care of animals, Stacie! I'm so glad for you about Josh too!! There is nothing like a new tool for a man, especially one that makes lots of noise and has POWER!

CB said...

I'm sorry about Belle. My Mom & her husband have a farm & they raise goats. This kind of thing can be common & my Mom had a rough time accepting this part of "farm life" the first few years of marriage. She still doesn't like it, of course, but she has come to terms with the reality of it. It is tough...I'm sure you guys are doing a wonderful job with your animals. I am sorry for Marcus, bless him! & I pray you get better real soon! It is crazy how the sickies want to stick to us when we're pregnant. It always takes me forever to get well when I'm pregnant.

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