Thursday, January 29, 2009

You Picked a Good Dad!

Jessica was so cute yesterday. She is going to be six in May and I think she is really starting to think things through. We were sitting on the couch reading yesterday when out of the blue she said, "Mom, you picked a good dad."

I said, "You mean husband?"

She said, "Yeah, he knows God."

Wow! She is really hearing me when I talk about what kind of husband she should be seeking when she is older. I also love the fact that she recognizes her dad's relationship with God. Steve talks about God so much more now. She sees him reading his One Year Bible every day that he is home. He is more comfortable using examples out of the Bible because he knows the stories so much better. He is using God's Word to teach and admonish our children. I see him doing it with Andrew now, too. Andrew seems to be the child less interested in spiritual things then the rest.

On that note, I was surprised when my friend, Toni, said that during AWANA, Andrew knew the answers several times to the questions asked during Bible time. I was shocked! I really didn't think he paid much attention when I talk and read about the Lord. So I am pleased that God's Word is not returning void and that it is getting into his little head!

As for life in general...

Steve and I were able to go on another "date" yesterday! Thanks to Candy (my old neighbor and friend). We dropped the kiddos off with her and went to look for sales on bunk beds and mattresses. We found two metal, matching bunk beds for only $174 a piece and then we had to buy four twin mattresses. We found two for $98 a piece and then we got some better quality ones for the older kids to take them into their teen years for $150 a piece. We were just looking, but for that price, we didn't want to lose it because it was on clearance. We are getting our tax return probably within 2 weeks, so we put it on our Mastercard. Then we'll pay it off as soon as the returns comes. It felt so good to have that done! We had so much fun running around trying out couches and dreaming about which ones we liked. Then we went to KMart to see if we could organize their dressers a little differently. We ended deciding that we could take off all the closet doors in the kid's rooms and utilize that space better with the dressers we have. I was pleased! The kids are so excited to get their own bed, but still be in the same room. I think we will have to run to KMart and let them pick out their own twin sheet set. It will be fun to see what kind of theme they pick out. I remember when I was a little girl and Mom got us a set of new flannel sheets. I felt like a queen in that bed!

So today, we are going to pick up all of the bunk beds and mattresses and my job will be to keep the kids out of Steve's hair while he puts three bunk beds together! We are moving the boy's bunk bed into Jessica's room and we are going to have to burn the broken trundle bed. The boy's bunk is a twin on top and a double on the bottom, so there is NO WAY it will fit without breaking it down. Poor Steve. I can't do much to help either. Andrew is going to want to help Steve so bad. Steve was talking about letting Andrew help as long as he obeys. I think Andrew would just love being around all those tools!

We will have four kids in the big bedroom, and then Jessica's room will sleep three, plus we will have Jacob's toddler bed in there ready for him when he is ready. The baby will still have it's own room in the nursery. I am hoping for a girl, so that Jessica will have a sister to share her room, and then Jacob and her can trade eventually. I would love to get Jessica back into her adorable PINK room that I so lovingly painted for her. She hates being away from her brothers and does not want to be by herself.

I got sleep last night and it was so nice. God totally got me through yesterday (I had had about 2 1/2 hours of sleep the night before). I never lost it once on the kids and I didn't feel exhausted all day. Only God could do that!

I made a French Toast casserole for breakfast last night, so I was able to pop it into the oven this morning. It smells so good baking! It's so easy and a great way to use the heels of your WW bread. None of us really like the heels that much, so this has been a good alternative.

I think we are going to have leftover Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole for dinner tonight and then tomorrow we will have a yummy ham dinner. I got a spiral cut ham for half off after Christmas. I use the leftovers for soups, pizzas and casseroles.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Can you post the recipe for the French Toast Casserole? Sounds yummy. So glad you got some sleep last night. I didn't get a wink. I'm praying God will give me patience today.

Cat said...

God has blessed you wonderfully with ideas for portioning out the bedrooms, with dressers, etc. I'm so glad for you! I'm praying for a girl for you too, Stacie. I'm with Jackie, post the recipe, please. Have blessed day. It was SO good to 'see' you in the camera today. I needed that!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I needed it, too. Sorry the boys were being so obnoxious. We had a LONG talk and I had to discipline for them for it. If they act that way again, they will automatically go to their rooms until the conversation is over.

You are doing a beautiful job with your homeschool kids! I am amazed at the effort that you put into it and your creativity is inspiring. I wish I had more energy for that sort of thing, but right now I'm just trying to get the three R's done!

I have cleaned out Jess's room and vaccuumed the whole thing. It feels clean and I am going to love the looks of it. Steve had burned a dresser and trundle bed. I have before pictures and I will post some after pictures as well. I think it's going to be fun!

Rachel said...

I had the same job with our bunk bed experience... keep the kids away from daddy!! It's harder than it sounds when they know that there is building and tools involved! I can't wait to see it. It is so refreshing to get everyone situated, especially well before the baby comes. I am looking for another brown fitted bottom sheet for Elijah's bed that went with his set. Somebody (Hannah or Ann I think) actually cut a big hole in it with scissors during our flu epidemic. Little boogers.

Robin said...

Do you guys remember that little foster kid you had when you were about 9? I think his name was Terry.

Once when we came over to visit he asked me, "Hey girl. Where's your Dad?" (he meant my hubby).

This post reminded me of him.

Oh, I'm going to make your french toast cassarole for dinner. =)

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