Thursday, January 22, 2009

Will I Fear or Will I Trust?

This is an older devotion that I wrote about 2 1/2 years ago. I hope that you will be free from fear today!
Will I Fear, or Will I Trust?

Dear Mothers,

Have you battled fear lately? Maybe you are seeing a serious character flaw in your child, or maybe you can’t pay the bills. Maybe you long to have another child, but your husband does not want another one. Has your husband lost his job? Fear not, ladies! God is bigger then all of these!

I shared last month about our finding a bigger house and selling our current one. Well, a lot has happened since then. I have felt the fear rising so strongly in my mind and my heart that I have literally had to hold the Word up, shout Scripture while waving an imaginary sword in my hand

Here’s the story…The first buyer pulled out of the deal, so we had to scramble quickly to get the house back on the market. After 4 ½ days we accepted another offer (which was $5,000 more, isn’t that amazing?). The next week everything was going smoothly until we got a phone call that told us we might lose our house that we wished to buy. Ahhhhh! Talk about scary, but I knew that God was in control. Later that day we found out that we were safe and that we weren’t going to lose the new house. The next week after that, the buyer got an inspection done on our house. The inspector said we had termites and a bad roof! Another road block that we were not expecting. I was so fearful, but my eyes kept being drawn to the verse that I had posted in my kitchen, “Trust in the Lord with your WHOLE heart, and lean not on your own understanding”. Whenever the fear started to rise, I would open my Bible and claim promise after promise. It was hard because the situation felt like it was getting worse by the minute!

The next day I got a pest control guy out and he said that we definitely did not have termites! Whew, what a relief! We ended up splitting the cost of a new roof with the buyer. All that worry for nothing.

Why, why, why, do we worry when we can pray? Why do we worry when we know all the good things He has done in the past. He is God and we are not! He wants the glory of what is going on in your life. He wants to show off what He can do, if we would just get out of the way and let Him! Our job is to pray and to continually release our problems to Him.

We are still moving forward, God is still in control, and He is giving me peace abundantly! May He give you peace in whatever situation you find yourself in. He is so trustworthy! Take Him at His Word and DO NOT FEAR!!!!!!!

From one mom to another,



Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

This is just what I needed to hear today. I love the picture. Hope you have a great session with John. I'm so jealous!

CB said...

I really needed this! Our life is in such a place of transition & there is much opportunity for fear. I love the visuals I got of you holding up that Bible & God's word like a visual sword!! Thank you!

glad2b4given said...

Great post! I just posted something similar on my blog a few days ago. AW Tozer had this to say about prayer and expectation: "One characteristic that marks the average church today is lack of anticipation. Christians when they meet do not expect anything unusual to happen; consequently only the usual happens, and that usual is as predictable as the setting of the sun...
We need today a fresh spirit of anticipation that springs out of the promises of God. We must declare war on the mood of nonexpectation, and come together with childlike faith. Only then can we know again the beauty and wonder of the Lord's presence among us."

Brenda said...

Thank you for sharing this devotion! I also wanted to say that my daughter and I were in The Dalles recently and we walked right past ANZAC - your blog post about it instantly flashed through my head :}

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I love AW Tozer and I completely agree with what he says here.

Thanks, guys, you have encouraged me as well.

candy said...

Thank you Stacie for a word from my Lord. He knows what I need to hear. You have been used so many times to minister to me thank you for being willing. Love you.
This is not an easy thing I'm going through but I WILL GET THROUGH, I AM VICTORIOUS! I am really doing good. Thank you again.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Candy, I am praying for you and your situation. I love you and I know that you are going to grow closer to God as you go through this.

I so miss being your close neighbor! Maybe you can come by sometimes next week and check out my pages and we can chat!

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