Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Turning a Corner/Amazed!

Yesterday I recognized that my prayers are being answered in a HUGE way. I have had trouble with Joshua trying to rush through his schoolwork so that he can play. I call it "Hurry up so I can play". He rushes through, doesn't read the directions and gets about 85% of his work wrong. Then he gets mad at me because I make him redo it and he views it as I am the one holding him back from playtime. It's gotten worse and worse this year. I started praying that God would change his heart. That God would help him with this and that He would help Josh turn a corner and become more productive and stop hating any kind of "work" so much.

He rushed through again yesterday, and started getting mad when I started correcting. In the afternoon he apologized and ADMITTED that he was trying to get it over with because he wanted to play. He also APOLOGIZED and said he would do better! Wow!

The icing on the cake was after dinner. I was starting to clean up and he walked past me and unloaded the dishwasher (this was Marcus' job), then he swept the floor, wiped the table down and started to load the dishwasher. I couldn't believe it! I asked him why he was doing some extra thing and his reply was, "Mom, I just want to help you because you are pregnant." This is the kid that would never go beyond the call of duty because it would interrupt his playtime. I could physically feel the burden lift off of my shoulders. I thanked God that night over and over for answering my prayers.

I pray that this new change will stick and that he really is "getting" it. If I had this kind of help, mentally I would be doing so much better. I wouldn't be spending my energy fighting the kids to do their chores all the time.

Oh, BTW, I only changed one diaper yesterday! The boys took turns and never once complained.


Cat said...

Life with Josh in the Homeschooling arena is astonishing, isn't it? Our God is amazing, and we forget to even ask for what we need! You are doing so very well, Stacie. Blessings to your children!

CB said...

Wow, you are doing an amazing job working yourself out of a "job" with those kids! I also have one that rushes, but it's more because it's his personality to do everything fast. My other boy takes his time with everything, they are complete opposites! At any rate, I love how when we give things to God, He takes it & does so much more than we could have done on our own! Awesome!

candy said...

Oh what a blessing! Josh is a sweet boy and he is growing up. He cares so much about being pleasing. But he is a boy, they love to be active. Most boys. Wyatt had a time with his math yesterday. When he doesn't get something he can be difficult until he gets it then he wants to do it all the time.

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