Friday, January 23, 2009

Jacob Praying and I Began!

Jacob has recently started folding his hands and closing his eyes while we pray. It is the most precious thing to watch. I just had to share this picture with you.
After Nancy Campbell's "convicting devotion" on beginning something and finishing it, I decided that my project was going to be my pantry. I was so excited after it was finished. I had no idea how much stuff I had crammed in there and didn't know where half of anything was. It's all nice and neat and it feels so good to look and see how God has provided for us. We are so blessed. BTW, I have never had a pantry before, so the just having this space is such a blessing. I know what it is like to do without, so I appreciate it even more now that I have it.
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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Wow! The pantry looks awesome.

Jacob is precious.

Glad we got to talk today. Love Ya!

Cat said...

You are awesome! Your little one is precious too.

CB said...

I love that picture of Jacob, how sweet!!! & the pantry looks great! We don't have one here in HI but we had one in NY & it really makes life easier!!! I have everything crammed into cabinets & not very neatly or organized either! I do fix that occasionally but not enough ! :0)

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