Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Am To Begin

Nancy Campbell just sent an e-devotion on "To Begin". It was wonderful and I had an opportunity to ask God what He would like me to begin. Earlier in my devotions the morning I was convicted about the "Law of Kindness" not being on my tongue. I need to BEGIN today. I need to break the habit of that "mothering" tone that I have adopted that drives my kids crazy. I seriously think they tune me out when I use it!

I've prayed and ask God to convict me and to show me when I am using this tone and not speaking kindly to my children. This is so hard when you are disciplining, but I know it can be done better. I am praying for wisdom in this and am looking forward to seeing the difference that it will make in creating a more peaceful existence in my home. Steve has even mentioned my tone of voice to me several times in the past few days.

So pray with me today as I "BEGIN" to make some much needed to changes around here. I know why my children sound snotty, because they sound like me! Yikes!

I want to be a good example to my children and show them the better way of dealing with their frustrations. I want them to stop talking so mean to their siblings.

Steve and I have really been working on the way we've been speaking to each other and it has made a remarkable difference in our communication.

On a lighter note, I am thrilled that today I get to go have a massage by John Combe. After scrapbook camp my hips and back are all bound up. It will be nice to have a little release.

Also, for those who want more info on Pastor Steve, he is home recovering from colon surgery. He has more masses that they were unable to take out either on his liver or kidneys (I've heard both, so I'm not sure which it is). They will attack those with chemo starting in two weeks. They are asking for meals, so the kids and I are thrilled to be able to do something practical to help them. As far as leadership for the church, elders and deacons are stepping up to the plate and helping where there are needs. It's going to be a long haul, but I do know God has a plan and His purposes will be fulfilled.


Cat said...

Oh, Stacie, we have such a mission with our children and students. I have heard my unkind tone and am working on kindness too. It is so easy to slip into sarcasm and commands when not understood or when asked inane questions. It is tiresome, but still requires kindness!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I am so guilty of the sarcasm thing. When I use sarcasm, I am essentially saying "You're and idiot and I'm smarter than you!" Hello, their children! I'm so ashamed...

Rachel said...

Stacie.. great post. It is sooo hard speak kindly when the pressure is on! I have to tell you that when Paul and I are getting to loose with our tongues, we make a contest out of who can speak the most icky sweet to each other. (Paul's idea) We've been doing it for a few years and it is fun to play the game and really gets us past our "offenses". It is most hilarious when we're playing it around our staff and our people and they just giggle like crazy, because neither Paul or I want to lose so we keep it up everywhere no matter embarrasing it is! When the games on... we just keep trying to outdo each other. It works great for us!

CB said...

Wow Stacie, this is a good one! I am so impressed with you, because when I'm pregnant I can be SUCH a monster & feel so out of control with it. I am learning more & more as I grow with God & I am so hopeful that my next pregnancy I am able to have more self control. I love "Rachel's" idea about out-doing your spouse with icky love talk, that is cute!! Thank you for this reminder!!!

jay said...

Thanks Stacie, You are such an encouragement to me.
My family is praying for Pastor Steve and our whole church family there in The Dalles.
Love you guys!
Rachel Gray

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