Saturday, January 3, 2009

God's Got a Different Plan

About the dog. We talked it over and decided that since we were not in agreement about the dog, that it would be best to wait. Steve would really like a bigger dog. I told him that's fine, we are not in a hurry.

Home at Last just called and they said that they get big, family-friendly dogs all the time in. So I'll go fill out an application next week and we'll go from there. I feel good about this decision and I think Steve does, too.

This morning I was able to go to tea with my friend, Catherine. It was such a blessing to see her and we had a great talk. It was just what I needed. Thanks, Catherine for the lovely lunch!

Steve's folks decided that they were indeed coming up. We are concerned about getting them out of our driveway, though. It is a solid sheet of ice. It will be nice to see them. They are bringing Calia (our niece) with them. The kids are excited to play with their newly found cousin. Jess and her are almost exactly the same age.

Steve took half the day off and took the kids to the Discovery Center and to lunch so that I could spend some time with Catherine. That was very nice of him and I appreciate that about him very much.

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