Monday, January 5, 2009

Doing Good

Today has been a good morning so far. We are trying to get back into some kind of routine. Steve went off to work this morning. Our driveway is a SOLID sheet of ice. Our dear neighbors are letting us park our car at the top of the driveway, because we can't get in and out of our driveway. Steve had to "ride" on top of the front of the car to get enough traction to get the darn car up the driveway yesterday. We won't be doing that again. So if you come to visit us and you have two wheel drive, WALK down the driveway! You won't be able to get back up it.

I'm homeschooling right now. I've decided I'm going to throw in some "Health" today. We are going to be working on healthy vs. non-healthy snacks and more about nutrition. The kids all seem to be craving junk food and it is disgusting me. We will also learn all about Daniel Boone today for history. I love History!

It snowed three inches last night. It is a beautiful winter wonderland, but I'm getting tired of the driveway situation. I would love it to melt off!

My dear friend, Margaret called yesterday and said that her mother found her father dead when she came home from buying a horse in North Carolina. Can you imagine? Please pray for the family. What a terrible shock. She flew out to Arizona last night. It's just so sad.

We had a lovely visit with Steve's folks and our niece, Callie. She was pretty quiet with the adults but really loved playing outside with the kids. It was so nice that they all got along.

I used my web cam today for the first time. She doesn't have hers hooked up yet, but at least she was able to see me. The sound was great! I'm so excited about this.

I will be finishing up my Psalms study today. I'm in mourning. I just loved it and it was way too short. I'll be starting the Book of Daniel next.

It's correction time, so I gotta go!


Cat said...

I'm in prayer, still, for Margaret; thank you for the reminder. I just found out the wreck I passed on my home yesterday was a 3-person fatality. I'm so grateful the LORD brought me home safely. I am thinking about the Psalm study for my Bible study ladies when we finish the one we are doing. What do you think?

Rachel said...

How terrible for Margaret and her family. I am praying for them.

That is funny- Steve on the hood of the car! Hopefully your driveway will melt soon!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I think it would be a great study for your ladies.

Wow, 3 person fatality. That is rough. I hope God brings comfort to the families. I am so glad He brought you safely home. Hopefully, you won't need to travel again until the winter is over.

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