Monday, December 8, 2008

Visit to the Veteran's Home

A submarine mechanic from WWII gives Andrew a hug and kiss. He was so excited that we were into WWII that he took us to his room and showed us his boats he worked on.

Here he is telling Marcus all about Midway.

Lester in his younger years. He and his friend are on the left during the War. He said that he had been a member of the Baptist church for 75 years and told the kids to stay in school and go to Sunday School. He said God bless you over and over. The kids were just thrilled!
This is a bit blurry, but he kept telling Josh what a handsome young man he was. I'm so glad that I took the kids. It was inspiring to talk with so many different people. We met an airplane mechanic that was from Vietnam. He said he worked on the fastest jet at that time. We also met a man who was a photographer in the Vietnam War. He said it could be very dangerous. My children thanked the men and women over and over for their service and wished them Merry Christmas. The residents seemed to enjoy talking with the children.
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Amy said...

Completely AWESOME!!!!

Cat said...

I'm so glad you heard the whisper of the Holy Spirit to do this and asked for confirmation too! What a blessing for ALL.

Margaret said...

Sounds like it was a blessing for all. How exciting for your kids to meet the real heroes. I am sure that you will be called back.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I can't get sweet little Lester out of my mind. I think we will visit him more regularly. I will take Josh and Marcus with me next time, so that we can really focus on him and have a lengthier conversation. The little ones didn't want to stay in one place very long.

It was a blessing. I can't believe how much we all got out of it. During evening prayers everyone including Andrew thanked God that we got to go to the Veteran "place".

I told the kids that we need to think of something to do at Easter time.

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