Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Things Are Getting More Normal (Sort of)

Well, the snow is melting. The rain is determined to wash it all away. I loved it while it was fresh and new, but when you go downtown and see the black snow in drifts, it makes you want it to leave. It's fun to be "snowed in" for awhile, but it does get old and I long for my routine back.

Speaking of routine, I homeschooled the two older boys yesterday. It went really well and we got everything done that I had planned. Besides our usual math, reading, phonics and spelling, I read a kid's history book to them and we learned all about Thomas Jefferson. We learned that he is the one that invented our money system. Of course, being the money-minded kid he is, Marcus perked right up after hearing that!

We got to spend some time with Margaret and her two children. She left Liam and Riley here while she played tennis. It was a good distraction for my kids. They watched a movie and then played outside. Everything was going good until they started throwing snowballs. I'm still not sure what happened but the boys ended up getting mad at each other and feelings were hurt. Margaret and I tried to leave it on a good note, but it wasn't very pleasant. I think they will forgive and forget and do better next time. Snow ball fights usually end up in a disaster anyway and someone always ends up getting hurt. I know it was that way with my cousins!

Steve went to Portland yesterday for his IV meds. He came back home around 3:30 and I told him I needed to go to the store. I had no idea how crazy it was! There were so many people at Safeway, so it took me a lot longer then I expected. I desperately needed some fruits and veggies.

Came home and Steve had finished dinner up. Michael dropped off Jackie and the kids. Jackie is in so much pain. She pulled something in her back and can hardly move. It really stinks, because now we can't play our favorite card game (Nerts). Today's plans are to make a nice breakfast (French toast, fruit and bacon) and then watch "Prince Caspian" sometime between my dentist appointment and her massage appointment with John. I think I might make chicken fajitas tonight.

This morning was so wonderful. God woke me up at 4:45 a.m. so that I could spend some time with Him alone and uninterrupted. I got my cup of coffee and I snuggled up on the couch with my Bible study. I was even able to journal many of my thoughts. I am studying Psalm 131 right now. It is short, but packed with meaning.

Here is a thought that I wanted to share with you..."We don't know what will show up on us until God turns on the heat. His Spirit reveals feelings and long-held beliefs. The essence of wholeness is God winning us wholly with His affection, His truth, and His healing Word."-Beth Moore

Another thought was this..."God's goal is not children scared into silence but those who trust their parent even when questions go unanswered...I know I can trust God's heart, come what may."-Beth Moore

I looked up a bunch of verses on how God is like a parent. I've read all these verses many times, but I was struck again at how wonderful He is. Beth asked me to write Psalm 131 in my own words. Here is my take on it...

"My heart is not proud, I do not want to look down on others. I am a simple woman. I do not try to understand things that are lofty and intellectual. I just want to be like my Jacob, who wakes up and snuggles into me with his blankie. I want to feel Your presence, knowing You love me, but knowing that You will be there the rest of this day as I toddle off to face it. I want to know You are hovering over me, waiting in the wings in case I start to slip and fall. I want to know and rest in the fact that You are keeping me away from danger. For I have put my hope in You, God. Nothing else will do."

So here I go toddling away...

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