Monday, December 22, 2008

Thai Rolls Part 1

These are the Thai Rolls that Catherine taught Margaret and I how to make when we went to Idaho. I thought the kids would hate them, but they love them now!

Here are the ingredients I used... Julienned cucumber, carrots; finely chopped purple cabbage; Chinese style noodles or thin rice noodles (cooked and then run under cold water immediately) and then I saute up some finely chopped chicken breasts with some garlic, ginger and some Thai peanut dipping sauce. The last thing you need is a large bowl full of hot water. You will soak the rice spring roll skins in the hot water for about 6 seconds or so.

This is a lousy picture, but I tried to show you that it is still a little firm, you don't want it limp.
Place the flat "tortilla" on the edge of plate with a little hanging off. Place your ingredients (you can add bean sprouts if you wish or water chestnuts, seaweed, whatever you want, really) then start to roll. About halfway, tuck the ends in like a burrito, keep rolling and then cut in half. The smaller they are, the better the tighter hold. Do not be afraid to make them as tight as you can. These "tortillas" are pretty sturdy. If you don't get it tight enough they just fall apart when you go to dip them in sauce. The final product will be on the next post...
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