Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pregnancy Update at 25 weeks.

I haven't posted in awhile about how my pregnancy is going. I was honest last month and told you that I kind of tried not to think about being pregnant too much, well things have changed. This little one is not letting me forget he or she is in there! This little baby has been kicking the crud out of me lately. It's funny, every time I sit down to read with the kids or snuggle or something I think the baby gets jealous. It starts kicking the child who is on my lap! It's kind of funny.

As most of your know I am pretty concerned about my hips. With each pregnancy the inflammation of the pubic bone makes walking and sitting pretty painful. I have been taking it extra easy and making sure I do not sit on hard chairs or surfaces. It has been helping a lot. I am doing pretty good with it.

My back is doing well, too. Again, most of you know that I broke my back when I was 15 in a car accident and it has given me trouble ever since. Pregnancy has never really helped it much. Also, I have had horrible sciatic nerve pain, but with the help of massage and stretching it seems to be at a minimum. Praise the Lord!

I am trying my hardest not to carry Jacob (who is a big guy now) and making him walk or if he does need to be carried to keep him safe, I have Josh or Marcus do it. He is learning how to hold hands better now and not just run off. It is good to train him now so that when the baby comes he will be easier to manage. I also bought a small umbrella stroller that lives in the back of the Suburban if I do need him contained.

I am starting to think about what life will be like with six children. Sometimes the thought is a sweet thought, a thought of wonderment. But other times when I'm having a bad day, the thought strikes fear into my heart and I have to take those thoughts captive immediately or I will get overwhelmed. The key is keeping my eyes gazing towards my LORD. He is sufficient and He is the one who has given me this gift. His strength will be enough for me each day as it is now.

I am still working on having the kids help me more with Jacob and Andrew. They are doing a great job changing a diaper a day (including poopy ones) and they are helping me in the kitchen more. I am also teaching them to bathe the younger ones.

I better be careful or I might work myself out of a job! Just kidding! No one could replace a mother no matter how hard they tried.

So there you have it, the good, the bad and the ugly. April still seems VERY far away!


Cat said...

I was just thinking as I was sweetly waking up this morning about April and Beth Moore in P'land...and YOU! It isn't THAT far off, but you still have time to enjoy being the mother of 5. Chelle, the one who makes the stencils just posted on her blog a picture of their new little one, Jack Dawson. She is 19 weeks along.
It is darling. You may want to got there sometime.

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I can't wait to hold my new niece or nephew! We need a new baby in the family. With Jerry and Sonya having a baby around the same time, we are blessed twice over!

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