Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Plans Keep Switching

I feel like I can't count on anything anymore. These last two weeks have been very strange. Almost every plan I have made hasn't happened.

Steve ended up staying the night in Redmond on Sunday and didn't get back home until 2:00 p.m. on Monday. I had several appointments lined up for on Monday because I had this tiny window before he worked a 48 hour shift and then get off on Christmas morning. I prayed and asked God to show me who to call. He laid Vicki on my heart. I called her and she came right over and watched the kids so I could take Josh to the doctor's.

I went to start the car and it was deader then a doornail. Another glitch in my plans! I'm stranded with NO car now! Steve still had the Suburban at the station. I asked Vicki if I could borrow her all-wheel drive Subaru. she said sure, so off we went.

The doctor thinks that Josh has eczema (not sure how to spell that) or psoriasis. I'm pretty sad about that, but have to remind myself that I'd rather have that diagnosis then cancer. I just pray that it might not be as severe as each generation passes. I pray it won't be like Steve's where it is all over his whole body. They called in a steroid topical cream to the pharmacy, but I knew I needed to get back to relieve Vicki, so I didn't go pick it up.

I canceled my hair appointment because Steve didn't get there in time. It was a good thing because my daddy came to give me jump start and helped me get out of our driveway. Our drive way is a nightmare because you can't get a run at it. My poor dad was huffing and puffing pushing on that car all the way up the driveway! He worked so hard. It reminded me so much of the winter that I learned how to drive. I had a 74 Comet Mercury. It was horrible in the snow, and we had a long driveway to get up. My dad would be riding on the back bumper, jumping up and down, pushing, you name it to try to get me out of that driveway! It brought back many memories.

Diana watched the kids for me so I could go to Les Schwab and get the battery changed. They did it really quickly. I was surprised because they were so busy! By the time I got home I was almost falling asleep driving. Steve was finally home when I arrived and I asked if he could watch the kids while I laid down. The insomnia gets to me and I just have to rest in the afternoon.

At 3:15, I took off for my massage with John Combe. Ooooooh, it was wonderful and just what I needed. No offense to the other lady who is doing my "prenatal" massages for free to get her license, but she tickles me compared to John. I feel so different when I walk out of his office. Steve said I could get a massage once a month if he thought it would help my hips and back. I'm so thankful! He has always poo pooped massage, so this is a big breakthrough. I hope to get him in one of these days when his back goes out again.

OK, here is the real miracle. I thought Steve was going to work the 48, well, he has a pretty bad cough from a cold he has been fighting so he decided to call in. So he will be gone only the one shift, which is on Christmas Eve! He can watch the kids while I go to the pharmacy to get the medicine. Also, the kids have missed him terribly and vice versa, so they'll be able to spend more time with their daddy.

God takes care of the little things, doesn't He? I was very weepy on Monday and was starting to kind of feel sorry for myself. I tried to be honest with God as to how I was feeling, but was just feeling sad and a little depressed. God just kept showing his faithfulness yesterday and I love Him for it. They are simple things, but big to me. Thank you for letting me share them with you.

So today is a new day. No mistakes, fresh and white as the beautiful snow outside. I am determined to respect and love my husband, teach my children to be kind and loving towards each other, and to be faithful in my homeschooling. I want to be a flourishing vine in my house and stop wilting. I want to get in the Word and meditate on it's Truths. I want the Holy Spirit to fill every fiber of my being so that I CAN do these things.

May God bless you this day!


Cat said...

I am reminded (when you say you want to be a flourishing vine and to stop wilting)of the flowering houseplants in my sunroom. Monday is the day on my housekeeping schedule to give them attention. But sometimes life's schedule overrides the housekeeping schedule. So they may be a day or two late, and certainly wilted by the time they get their weekly water and bud nipping. I'm so glad you recognize your challenges and plan to meet them with vigor. I pray for you in this holiday. With so much going on it is easy to take a dip, but you always remember to come up sputtering, Stacie! Good girl.

Rachel said...

Beautiful Stacie.

David had eczema on just a few spots a few years ago. We used the steroid cream and it cleared things up. He doesn't even get it anymore. Hannah just got diagnosed with it around her mouth, so we're putting the same stuff on her at night while she's sleeping. I'm hoping that will pass too. The winter cold really makes it worse. Hopefully eczema is all Joshua has.

I wanted to call you yesterday but the kids were swarming me all day. To much Christmas excitement and questions!

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