Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Plans Gone Awry!

Some days I wonder why I even try to make plans! I was sipping my cup of coffee, reading my devotions thinking about how nice it will be to have Steve home today. I would have a relaxing time getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist's office. I would go run a few errands, and the best part was not having to take Jacob to pick up the kids at AWANA tonight. It is so late. By the time I get out of there it is 8:15 or so at night. His bedtime is 7:00, so he usually falls asleep before I pick them up.

Guess what happened? Yep, the phone call. Steve said he had the opportunity to get a 24 hour overtime shift. What could I say? The selfish part of me wants to say "NO!", but I know that it will be nice for him to have that 24 hours tucked away in his pocket so that he can maybe not go in so much around the holidays. So I told him to go for it.

I canceled my appointment and rescheduled. Not a big deal. I will try to take the kids down to the station to see Steve around a mealtime.

I need to get off here and finish homeschooling, fixing my hair, brushing my teeth, ect. Time to buckle down and get some work done. I hope to be able to find some time today to share with you how God is working on me. We'll see...

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