Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Deepest Longings

I was doing my homework in one of my Bible studies when I was asked to list my deepest longings and what the motivation behind that longing was. It really made me think. I thought I would share them and encourage you to do the same. It is a great way to process who you are with and without all of your "roles". So here it goes in no particular order...

1. Longing: A Better Prayer Life
Motivation Behind It: Less worry, better results and a closer relationship with God.

2. Longing: Teach my children to love and know you. That they would love and serve you faithfully all their days.
Motivation Behind It: They would have a good and long life. I want them to experience God even more than I have.

3. Longing: Keep Marriages together
Motivation Behind It: I don't want other children to have to suffer because of their parents selfishness and lack of comittment. They just don't know how the repurcussions of their actions are going to effect their children.

4. Longing: To help the persecuted church
Motivation Behind It: My heart breaks when I hear how they suffer for knowing and accepting Jesus.

5. Longing: To encourage young mom's in their mothering
Motivation Behind It: I want them to not survive motherhood but to flourish.

6. Longing: To Scrapbook
Motivation Behind It: I love preserving my memories, thoughts and prayers so that my children will know how much I love them and long for them to know God.

7. Longing: To Blog
Motivation Behind It: It keeps me in touch with other people/friends/family. It gives me a public forum to share my testimony. It is a handy way of updating family and friends as to the goings on in our families life. It is also a great way to process what is going on in my life and to focus on God's blessings instead of "woe is me".

8. Longing: To Homeschool
Motivation Behind It: This is so much work and sacrifice on my part, but God is blessing it. I want children who are raised with a Biblical World View and have a safe environment to learn in.

9. Longing: Singing at Church and Different Functions
Motivation Behind It: I want to use my voice for God's glory

10: Longing: I love to see beautiful flowers.
Motivation Behind It: It gets me outside and flowers give me a real pleasure.

11. Longing: To love my husband and to respect and to honor him.
Motivation Behind It: Our children would see our example and have healthy marriages, free from divorce.

12: Longing: That my parents would be proud of me.
Motivation Behind It: I have a little girl's heart that still wants to make my moms and dads proud of me. It means the world when they say those words to me. I don't know if any worldly praise could be higher. I want them to be pleased with how they raised me. I also want them to be pleased with how I am raising my children.

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Cat said...

This reminds me of the scripture from Phil 4:8, "Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely,whatever things are of good report, if there is any virture and if there is anything praiseworthy-meditate on these things." The word 'noble' came to mind when I read your blog, so this scripture popped into my head. You go girl!!

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