Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Favorite Christmas Decorations

This jewelry tree was made by my step mom, Diana and my dad, Russ. She made one for her and then for several family members when Jackie and I were teenagers. We desperately wanted one when we moved out. They said that we had to be married to get one. I had kind of forgotten about it. Steve and I's first Christmas came along and they rushed to get one made for us! They surprised Jackie and I both with one (we got married 21 days apart when we were 20). This jewelry tree has even survived a flooded basement!

Margaret came and helped me fix the lights on it yesterday. I was so excited and it looks great! I tried to get a close up so you could see some of my old jewelry on it. This picture does not do it justice. It is very sparkly with the white lights on it.

Here is a picture of our LONG line of stockings! The little one is the dog's. The kids are always amazed at how many there are now. It's always a challenge to figure out where to put them. I removed pictures this year and think that this will be the best location from now on.
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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I love the jewelry tree. It is such a unique and special Christmas decoration. I love that they put a bunch of our old jewelry on it. Brings back memories everytime I put mine up.

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