Tuesday, December 2, 2008


God is encouraging in so many ways. My sister, faithful friends and family are lifting me up in prayer in regards to my Marcus.

After a intense prayer time with God of me on my knees sobbing to God and entrusting my child into my Lord's hands, He spoke to me that this time will not be short. This is going to be on ongoing thing and that I need to be prepared for the long haul. This was not necessarily great news, but it is good to know that I need to keep pressing in to God as in any trial. I know my faith with grow if I continue to seek His wisdom in every situation that arises.
God knows my heart, I believe He will honor it. He knows that my greatest longing is that my children will LOVE and KNOW Him even more then I.

Today, I have homeschooled Marcus with a few hiccups. Jessica did great and now they are watching Kung Fu Panda before it goes back to Netflix. They have really enjoyed the movie.
I am listening to Beth Moore's Broadcast right now. One thought that she had was this , "I am doing, what You are doing?" I'm not doing it perfectly, but I am doing in wholeheartedly. I thought of my marriage and my parenting in regards to this phrase.
I have done a short devotion but am looking forward to my Beth Moore "Psalms of Accent" study. It is just where God wants me. It is so encouraging and deep. I just love it. It's very meaty.
I'll do sandwhiches for lunch and then figure out dinner later. Steve will not be home until the evening since he has a class in Portland.
Margaret will come over for a little while and help me fix the lights on my treasured jewelry tree. When I get it fixed, I'll take a picture and show you some of my favorite decorations.
I do love Christmas!


Cat said...
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Cat said...

I removed my first comment because there were so many typos in it! Sorry

I am praying for you regarding your children, all of them. I want to encourage you in that I had a long haul with my son whom you now know to be a godly man. I'm glad you have a meaty Bible study to uplift you, fill you and encourge you in this long and difficult journey. Praise God

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Thank you Catherine, it means a lot.

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