Sunday, December 21, 2008

An Early Christmas with Mom and Larry

Mom and Larry came up last night so we celebrated Christmas with them today. It was very nice. Mom is Miss-Activities Director and had Christmas games, coloring ect. before they opened their presents. The boys loved their Indiana Jones vehicles and Jess loved her baby doll set. Andrew got a Little People construction vehicle and Jacob got some fun stackable cars. Mom gave me a gorgeous earring and necklace set! I have pictures of it, but I'm too tired to put them up right now. Jackie has the same set, so now we can be twins!

We started the day with Steve getting ANOTHER 24 hour overtime shift. This beats his overtime record since he's been married to me. This is an unbelievable gift from God. We will be putting some money in savings finally! Let's just pray no rigs break down so we can keep it in there! Steve was able to buy a nice coat yesterday, which he desperately needed.

Larry watched the kids before lunch so Mom and I could go get some more Thai Roll ingredients. I did some last minute Christmas shopping at F.M. It was so nice to get out of the house again. Mom and I had a very nice time just being together. We ran into Pete (a firefighter) and his wife, Terry. They invited us to the fire station for Christmas Eve dinner. So I guess we'll be doing that if we don't get snowed in.

We played games all afternoon and Larry took the two older boys sledding up at Sorosis Park. They had a great time and I guess Josh even got to borrow some one's snowboard and did really good at it. Larry said he was a natural.

I taught Mom how to make Thai Rolls and took pictures so I can post step by step instructions. We toasted with sparkling pear cider. After dinner Mom got out the fireworks and we watched a nice show before they had to head home.

Andrew threw up all over while Larry was watching him. I'm so glad he did it on Larry's watch because I probably would have spewed too, just smelling it. I walked in and the smell of it about knocked me off my feet! Yucky! He seemed to be feeling better after that but didn't want any dinner.

I'm so tired, but it is a good tired. The day turned out to be very fun and full of activity. It helped take our minds off the snow, cold and the fact that Dad was not home again.

Steve had to travel to Bend tonight in the ambulance to take a dialysis patient to a special hospital. The roads were said to be hazardous. I'm trying not to worry. He said they might spend the night there and come back in the morning if it's really bad.

I hope he doesn't have to, because I have three appointments tomorrow. Josh goes to the doctor, I get my hair done and I am scheduled for a massage. I will be really disappointed if it doesn't happen, because everything will be shut down for the rest of the week before Christmas most likely.

I'm almost home free, the older kids are going to bed in ten minutes then it's my turn!


Cat said...

What a day, Stacie! I wondered why we didn't hear from you earlier. Isn't it nice to spread Christmas out over a week or more so that all the hype isn't jammed into a couple hours and 19 people? I love that part of seeing family and friends over several days. You did well, and I'm praying God will bring relief so you can have your appointments.

David said...

Hopefully you had a great slumber and are now ready to face the day without Steve and the appts if needed. God has another plan. I look forward to a chat when you have time and energy. We might go sledding after lunch with tubes...hugs and kisses

Rachel said...

What a great day! I can totally see Joshua snowboarding!

I just have to make these Thai rolls I keep reading about! I will wait (almost) patiently for the recipe;)

I sure hope Steve makes it back soon. Emergency workers don't get enough credit. These are the people that really risk their lives for others and here Steve is doing it in severe weather. Those roads to Bend are not so nice in winter. Meanwhile, you're mommying 5 kiddos by yourself. Keep up the good work!

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