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Around The Table Devotion

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Around the Table
Written in 2006

Since we have moved into our new house, we were blessed with a bigger kitchen table. Oh, the joy of a HUGE table! As I wipe it down each day I am reminded of the awesome responsibility that I have as a Christian to practice hospitality. The Bible says, “He loves the stranger, giving him food and clothing.” Deuteronomy 10:18. Our tables should not be only blessing strangers and guests, but also our own family. Are you practicing hospitality to your own husband and children, or is the meal, hurried and tense, and perhaps a place to argue and condemn? Is the table a “safe” place to come to?
“The table is more than a place to accumulate books and junk. It is more than a place to eat a hurried meal on the run. The table is a feeding place. It is where we nurture the physical bodies of our family. It is a place where we also feed their souls and their spirits.”-Nancy Campbell
Dear mother, cooking for and feeding your family is a very important part of your mothering career. This is one of the ways to nurture your husband and children. The family meal time should be a place of warmth and have a loving and accepting atmosphere.
Yes, it can be hard at times when you are trying to teach your children table manners, or trying to get your toddler to stop throwing food at the child next to him, but it can still be handled in a peaceful but firm way. A great example of this is the first time we all sat down around our nice large table it felt like a free-for-all. Steve and I simultaneously realized that we had never taught the children to pass things (we had always had to serve buffet-style because there wasn’t enough room for the food to actually be on the table). Instead of getting worked up about it, we tried to make it fun! They were so cute because they were so proud of themselves as they learned something new!
Most Christians pray before meals. How about praying after the meal as well? You could go around and ask each other for prayer requests and at the end of the meal you can lift each other up to the Lord. What a blessing! But don’t spoil the mood by clearing the table too quickly. I realized that in my efficiency, I had been losing opportunities to enjoy more of the meal time. What a great excuse for a busy mom to sit down and relax!
“The family meal table is a sanctuary. It should be a secret place from the daily world of strife. Our husband and grown children may spend their day out in the work place. More often than not they are surrounded by filthy talk, jesting, immodesty and humanistic reasoning. If they come home and turn on the TV, this contamination of the world will only sink deeper into their spirits. But if they arrive home to a waiting table- a table that welcomes them with good food, love and fellowship, the filth of the day washes away. As you communicate and talk about the things of the Lord, their souls and spirits are washed clean.” –Nancy Campbell (taken from The Family Meal Table and Hospitality)
When you make dinner tonight, make not only a meal, but a memory!

From One Mom to Another,

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Oh, how refreshing, Stacie; thank you! I want a copy of that to send to Melissa, please.

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