Saturday, December 27, 2008

Another Mellow Day

Not much going on in our corner of the world. The snow is starting to melt and the kids were out playing in it some today. Jacob was doing good until he got stuck in snow drift and his boot didn't follow. He did not like having a cold, wet sock stuck in the snow!

The kids and I cleaned the house some more. I caught up on laundry (finally)! You can't imagine how many extra stinky, wet socks there are around here now that the snow has come!

I did my Bible study. I studied Psalm 127 today. It was wonderful and such a great reminder to pray for Israel. I read the news today about them launching a counter-attack on the Hamas. It is such a scary place over there. I just pray that God will rise up and defend His people and that the Israelies will not lean on their own strength, but His.

I made a dish with tortellini, chicken, onion and mushrooms with a marinara sauce over it. I sprinkled it with mozzarella. The kids seemed to like it. Then I made lemon bars for dessert for our lunch tomorrow at the Ranch.

I tortured my children and made them watch Handel's "Messiah". It is beautiful, but quite boring for them. I tried to explain the different parts of an orchestra and choir. They didn't know it, but it was a homeschool lesson in classical music. Josh was NOT pleased. Oh well! I watch plenty of movies that don't interest me for their sake. I didn't think it was going to kill them to watch one of mine! So there!!!

I read books to the little ones. I love it when they ask me to read to them. Andrew keeps picking up Bible stories, so it's cool that he's "getting" God more. He is really enjoying "Hermie" by Max Lucado.

I can't wait to get out and go to church tomorrow. I'm getting tired of being cooped up. I miss everyone at Calvary and I know the kids have missed their friends.

I'm looking forward to having the snow melt so that we can put the trampoline up for the kids. They are talking about how much they are looking forward to it.

I'm now going to go read and go to bed. I will leave you with an entry from my journal. The Lord just struck my heart with a gardening theme. So here it is...

"Lord, I pray that the soil of my heart is rich and ready to receive any seeds you would like to plant in me. I want you to be my "Master Gardner". The One who prunes, trims, ploughs and fertilizes the ground. Let not one seed that has been planted go to waste! May the results be beautiful! A garden in my life that will point to the "Master Gardener", that would be a glory to You."

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Amy said...

Sounds like things are winding down nicely for you. We are trying to get things settled but I am still sick. I have actually been sick since before Thanksgiving. I think I might lose my mind if it doesn't end soon. You are lucky you still have snow all of ours melted and now we have lots of mud. YUCK!!

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