Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thai Rolls

Catherine taught us how to make Thai rolls during our visit to Idaho. I got Steve excited about them today, so we went to the store and bought all the fixin's. They turned out really good. Steve liked them, but I think preferred more meat. He's not a real veggie lover. As long as I have dipping sauce, I'm happy!

Thanksgiving went really well. We went out to the Grange and feasted there. Jackie and I were able to play more Nertz (a fast card game). On Friday, I took Andrew (all the rest of the children got in trouble) to the Christmas Light Parade downtown. It was really fun! We even treated ourselves to a French pastry. Andrew loved all the lighted up tractors. Afterwards he said, "That was a fun date, just you and me!". I think he'll remember that one for awhile.

Today was a lazy day. Did some regular chores then Steve and I took the kids with us to go grocery shopping. I dozed on the couch and then finished my "Fall of the Eagles" series. It was very interesting, but not very fast moving. I know a lot more about why WWI was started. Steve went to Kmart and got the kid's Christmas present. Shhhh, don't tell, but we got them a trampoline! I thought it might be easier to get them one big present then a bunch of individual ones. They will love it, especially Jessica.

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Cat said...

I'm SO glad about the Thai rolls, that Steve was willing to try them and liked them even! And I'm thrilled you got to go to the Starlight parade.

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