Thursday, November 20, 2008

People are Watching

I knew people watched our family, but I was reaffirmed today that people are REALLY watching our family.

Today, Steve treated us to a wonderful lunch at our favorite Mexican Restaurant. Even though we try to be quiet, a family of seven is going to have it's moments. When I went to pay, the owner's wife complimented me and said "I really admire your patience with your children. It's so nice to see a family your size able to eat out. Most parents wouldn't bother. I was watching you and you really seem to have patience." It was so sweet and so encouraging. It just made my day. I usually do not think of myself as a patient person, but I must have had a shining moment. I just sent that compliment to God who gave me the strength to be patient for that moment.

I thought about it and counted at least 4 people who turned their heads to look at us and gawk. I always wonder what they are thinking. Are we too noisy? Are we annoying them? Are they enjoying seeing a family enjoying themselves? Do they feel sorry for us? Do they feel envious? It's a strange place to be and it will only get more common as God blesses us with another child.

I am blessed and thankful for each of our children. They are good kids. Not perfect kids, but they are sweet and good quite a bit of the time.


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

That is great! It is so nice to get an encouraging word from strangers every now and then. Good job. Keep it up, Sis! Love ya.

pineapple mama said...

To have that many children just shows how blessed you and Steve are and having that patience for them is a bonus. I have always admired your tenacity in raising the kids right. You are a wonderful mother!

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