Thursday, November 13, 2008

Off to LaGrande

Well, tomorrow we are off to LaGrande to visit my twin sister. We will be back on Sunday. Steve has an EMS conference in Baker City, so he'll drop us off on the way there. We don't have to pay for gas because we are bringing the F.D. van. Yeah! Of course, I can't take the kids anywhere without a rig. Usually, we just hole up and watch movies together, talk and break up fights with the kids, etc. We do cook a lot, which is always an experience with my sister's healthy cooking habits.

Trudy will stay and watch the animals and housesit for us. I'm so thankful that she is available to housesit.

I'm feeling so so today. Kind of blah and tired. Margaret came over for a bit and we talked, but the kids kept interupting us and it wasn't much of a visit. Luckily, she's pretty patient.

Marcus and I had a little date today. We got a small check in the mail so I splurged and took him to Quizno's for lunch. We had a nice time and he thanked me profusely several times. It was good to have a positive experience with him. We ran some errands and had a nice time. I do like it when they are older and you don't have to worry about their safety as much. You can give them more freedom and it gives you some, too. If any kid needs one on one time, it's Marcus. He thrives on it. I'm going to try to at least once a month have Steve or I take him out by himself.

Homeschoolings done and I had Steve pick up a pizza for dinner since payday is tomorrow. I don't want any leftovers before the weekend and pickin's are getting slim around here.


Cat said...

Oh, Stacie, I'll miss you while you are gone, and you haven't even left yet! Have a great time relaxing (hopefully) with your Sis!

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Hey, girl. It's our turn next!

I'm soooo looking forward to getting away with my two very dear friends. I can't wait to see how the changes up there and meet somemore of your friends and family.

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