Friday, November 14, 2008

Not The Typical Mother

I got this email from my mom. This shows you that she is not the typical mother. She is a Harley Ridin' Motorcycle Mamma! I just had to share this with you. Just so you know, I am nothing like her. I do not like to ride big machines that weigh ten times as much as I do and I do not like to take risks that cause me physical pain. She thinks she has failed me because I'm not the adventuresome person that she is, but I just reassure her that I am different and I am cautious. Partly, because I have learned from her mistakes! I am proud of her though, because she does things that I would never think of doing. I am praying that she will make the right decision regarding this Harley. So here is her email...

"I am beside myself with excitement today and do NOT want to be at work! This is why . . .

A couple of nights ago a friend called from Las Vegas where she is vacationing with her mother and asked I could do her a favor. I said, “Sure! What do you need?”

She said, “I need you to go pick my Harley up from the shop and keep it in your garage until I get back.” I, of course, mentioned that I might have to take the long way around to get it home and she insisted – INSISTED – that I exercise it daily. I said, “Well, let me thing about it – OK!” (Said all in one breath!)

Oh my gosh!!!! I am having so darn much fun! You ought to hear it rumble and roar!!!! She’s a short little gal, so it’s a pretty short bike. Short enough to fool me because when I took off, I couldn't believe the instant & abundant power! After all, it’s a 1,000 cc’s bigger than my dirt bike! Good thing I was hanging on because I’d have been sitting in the dust when that thing took off!

Then I decided I should blow the dust off it with a short little ride to Mission and back. On the way back it started kind of a power loss/surge routine that kept getting worse and worse. I prayed my way into the first gas station and it took enough to tell me it was probably out of gas! So glad I made it back. I’d have pushed it back to town before I’d leave it parked by the side of the road! (Which would have been tricky, because that little sucker is HEAVY!) I didn’t even have my cellphone to call someone for rescue! (Realistically, I’d have flagged someone down and used their cellphone!)

I was going to ride it to Curves this morning at 5 am, but decided not to tick off the neighbors. It’s 34 degrees here, but I rode it to work today anyway. Gee! Is it time to go pick up the mail yet? Oh, and I have to pick up the 990 from the auditor and get it in the mail! Hmmm, what other errands simply MUST be done today?????

And on top of all this thrilling life experience that I can now check off of my “Thing to do before I die” list - A woman at Curves bought a Harley Sportster in 2006, scared herself and switched to Kayaking and therefore is selling her Harley with about 200 miles on it. Everyone at Curves agreed that ‘fate’ wants me to have a road bike! Larry is all for it if I can swing it budget-wise. Therein lies the problem. Do I really want to take out a loan? Instead of working I find myself making a list of ‘justifications’ like:

It will save gas; it will save wear and tear on my car; it will be fun; etc., etc., etc. I’m sure the list will lengthen throughout the day. Of course, there’s another list that’s getting longer, too – I’ll need leathers, saddle bags, insurance, maintenance costs, etc., etc., etc.!

All for now – I need to go run errands! (Just kidding!)



Cat said...

I'm SO glad you are who you are, and she is who she is! I LOVE! you, Stacie.

My mom is the one who went to the Costa Rican jungles at the age of 68 to help with physical therapy for stroke victims with the Peace Corps!

Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

I hope she does get the bike because then we can go on bike runs together. I've been contemplating having Michael teach me how to ride his soft-tail Harley one of these days. I got on it and rode it back and forth in our driveway (no turning), just to see if I could keep it standing up when I came to a stop (that is when most people dump it). It was so much fun just doing that much. I can't wait to take it out in a large, empty parking lot and try to really ride it (fully leathered of course). I think I definitely got Moms genes in this department! I love motorcycles, dirt or street. I like to ride behind Michael but it sure is fun actually being the driver, too. I don't know, we'll see. If Mom does get one, maybe we can get Larry Pop to babysit for us while we all go out for a ride.

Anonymous said...

What a cool mama! ;)

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