Thursday, November 20, 2008

My 200th Post!

I just realized that this is my 200th Post! Wow! I can't believe I've had that much to share!

I have a busy day planned today. Steve is off and I've kind of crowded everything into this one day. I need to mail some Christmas gifts to Kenya, homeschool, shop for groceries, My OB appointment, a hair appointment and a prenatal massage.

I'm still in my jammies, I just made breakfast and now I'm off to get me and everyone else ready for the day.

Steve called last night and said that he was going to take Friday off. Woohoo! I was asked to sing at a funeral and needed someone to watch the kids. Rachel said she would, but I knew she had a very busy day planned. So now that Steve is off, I will be able to stick around a bit. I just figured out that the man that died is the father of a girl I worked with at Big Jims. My sister and I used to hang out with her. It's too bad. He was only 59. I would love to be able to talk to Heather again and see what she is up to, if she is there.

I'm going to sing "Amazing Grace" accapella. He was not a Christian, but he loved Patsy Cline. I can sing it like she would and country it up. I think it's a safe hymn to play for the funeral of an unbeliever. It's very accepted and it is a good way to bring God into a ceremony that otherwise would be devoid of it. It is especially comforting to Believers who attend. That's my take on it.

Need to scoot!

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Cat said...

Oh, your life sounds divine! I'm glad you can sing like Patsy Cline, one of my personal faves.

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