Monday, November 3, 2008


This weekend was fairly uneventful. It was pleasant and I'm forcing myself to rest more. I'm trying to get through some good books and some good movies.

Church was nice. I enjoyed sitting by my friend, Helena. The kids were in for communion, which was good. I like them to be in church with me.

The Chouinard's took our four older children for half the day and they had a great play date with their friends. It was nice to just pay attention to Jacob and play with him.

Today, I've been trying to get an appointment for Andrew's foot to be seen at OHSU. It is still in the process. I'm trying to get it for the same day as Steve's psoriasis appointment, so they can just go together.

I've made cinnamon rolls for tonight's dessert and tomorrow's breakfast. I've invited a few friends over to gab tonight. I'm excited! I don't get to have girlfriends over very often. The kids will be going to bed early and hubby is at work, so it should be perfect. We are all pregnant and we all have large families, so we have LOTS in common.

I'm making a rice, chicken and broccoli casserole tonight. It's really an easy recipe.

I've got a kid tattling right now, so I need to scoot!


Cat said...

I can see you sitting about with your friends, chatting, laughing, praying. Stacie, you deserve it, and I'm a little jealous. Waiting for my turn is not easy!!! Put the recipe for your easy casserole on your blog, please.

RaD said...

Tattling children, boy can I relate and I only have two!

Just wanted you to know we added Andrew's foot to our nightly prayer list. My kids may not know you or Andrew, but just knowing that it's Josiah's cousin really prompts them to want to pray, especially Elisha.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Thank you so much for praying for our little Andrew! We truly need wisdom.

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