Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Surprises

This morning went pretty well. Steve took off for Portland with Jess to go start his IV medication for his psoriasis. It ended up not happening, and turned out to be just an evaluation. Bummer. We were hoping to get him started as soon as possible.

When he came home in the afternoon he brought in an Olive Garden bag! He had stopped by Olive Garden to eat lunch with Jess and thought of me and brought me my favorite Fettucini Alfredo with sauteed mushrooms and Tuscany soup! I don't think he's ever done that. It was truly a miracle and I so appreciated it.

Dad came by to trim Missy's (our miniature horse) feet. Andrew said he never got to spend the night at Papa's and it must have worked on old Papa's heartstrings because for the first time ever, Dad took him with him. I packed him up a bag real quick and threw in his carseat. It was so sweet of Dad and I can't tell you how happy Andrew was.

Since I had one less kid, I ran to the Post Office and then to try to start a savings account for Josh. He finally had enough money and was really excited about it. I was bummed because I didn't have his social security number, so I had to wait till tomorrow. He handled it well though.

Marcus was a total snot today so Steve told him he has to go to bed extra early tonight. So it should be a pretty peaceful evening. Steve had to go back to work so I'll see him tomorrow morning.

It was sunny, but the breeze kept it from being very warm.

Oh, I made molassas spice cookies this morning and bread. So I did some baking today. It felt good. I need to catch up on the laundry still. I probably still have at least two more loads to do.

I've been reading Jackie's new Lynn Austin book that she let me borrow. It is riveting. I love the immigration stories to America. I hope to read more tonight after the kiddos are down.


Cat said...

Do you think you'll be finished with Lynn so that I can borrow it? Would Jackie let me?

Your molasses cookies sound divine, Stacie; I wish I were more inspired in the kitchen. Those days are gone for me I think. Perhaps you'll bring your famous carmel corn with you when you come!

I miss the Olive Garden opportunities too and am finding Steve to be a considerate husband. Don't you just love it?

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

Yes, I do love it! We have had some interesting talks lately and I think he is really trying. That's all I ask, is for a little effort.

I was going to surprise you with the carmel corn! Stinker!!! I hope I have time to make it. It would make a great snack on the trip as well. I'll have to make two gallons if I do make it! It's fun to make something that is a treat for everyone.

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