Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Morning

Ahhh, I'm back and I love being home. My home is my refuge. To sleep in my own bed last night, was heaven! My hubby was glad to have me back and we had a wonderful evening together. He has to work today, so I will be managing the troops by myself. Well, not really, God is always with me. I couldn't do it without Him.

My plans today are to do the laundry, homeschool, make some Blondies (instead of brownies), make a delicious meal for the kiddos and to make an extra meal for Steve while I am away in Idaho next week. I would like to have four extra meals for him in the freezer, so that it will be easier on him. I am going to also teach Jessica how to vacuum the dining room floor and how to mop it.

I have already had my Bible study time. I am finishing up my Beth Moore study of ACTS and Paul, it's been wonderful. I am reading a great book called, "The Man You've Already Wanted, is the Man You Already Have". It is an excellent reminder of the gift that God has given to me! Steve is my gift and I need to not take it for granted.

Jessica and I had a fun "girl date" last night! Just her and I went to KMart and found a beautiful purple Christmas dress for just $11.98. They were 40% off! She was so excited that I was buying it for her and she loved helping me pick it out. Then we went winter boot shopping and we found a pair of warm fur-lined boots for her and I that practically match. Then she had a dollar that she had saved and wanted to spend. Good luck finding anything in Kmart that is a dollar! But we looked and we found one thing. Two small cans of Playdough. She bought it and was so excited. We also purchased a few more gifts for our Pastor friends in Kenya. We decided to do a Christmas package for them this year. I bought a doll for Neema, Matchbox cars for Rock Peter, and a bead necklace set for Leah Baroness. For Ilam I bought a tie and Francischa I bought her a pretty bathroom set that says "Joy" on it. I bought the soap container to go with it, also a bottle of perfumed lotion. I hope they like it. Jessica loved shopping for them.

Jakers just woke up, so my day has begun!

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Cat said...

I'm SO excited you are preparing for your journey to Idaho next weekend!! It sounds like you have your day all laid out for you, and with God in it. I'm so glad. The shopping trip sounded divine with Jessica. You don't often have time with girlie stuff for her, and she is such a girlie-girl...just like you! I'm sending an email about next weekened, my dearest.

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