Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hysterical Halloween

Trick or Treating with Dennis and Candy

Their grandkids arrived at the same time. Marcus is a Revoltionary War Patriot. Josh is a Red Coat, Jess is a pilgrim, Andrew is a "crab fisherman", Wyatt is Cat and the Hat, and Makenna is Tinkerbell.

I have never Trick or Treated with my kids before. Yesterday, I thought, why not try it. Josh is almost 10 and will be too big to do it pretty soon. So off we went. When we came back, Steve asked me how it went. I started to tell the story and actually started laughing hysterically! Only the Children could make Halloween so memorable!

1. Marcus is running across the street, trips and falls on his hip. He's laying there trying not to cry in the middle of this person's driveway.

2. Josh runs into a mailbox! Whack!!!

3. Jess loses her all her candy in a man's driveway because she drug the bag and it got a hole in it.

4. Josh runs into a prickly pine tree. Face first!

5. Jessica starts to run and trips on the uneven sidewalk. She crash and burns, but quickly jumps up and says, "I'm OK."

6. The best was when Marcus starts to lose his candy because of a hole in his bag. He asks a person that is handing out candy if he can have a new bag. How embarrassing! The nice man got one for him.

7. Oh, I almost forgot the bloody nose! Marcus is at someone's door and says he has a bloody nose. So the sweet lady is yelling at her husband to get some Kleenexs for Marcus. Again, how embarrassing!

If it wasn't one thing it was another. Only Andrew had nothing happen to him. He was just so adorable as he told everyone "thank you and Happy Halloween"!
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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

What a crack up! The kids are adorable. Thank goodness for the dress up box, huh? Jess is adorable! I'm so glad you took the kids trick or treating. I still remember doing it as a kid. It is fun to go to houses of people we know.

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