Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Biblical Worldview

Dear Mothers,

The other day our family sat down to watch the new “Ten Commandments”. It was very good, but had some parts that were not in the Bible (caution: content was very bloody toward the end). My older children kept asking me, “Mom, is that true?” and “Did that really happen?”. Instead of just going off memory (not great sometimes!) I decided to get out the Bible. I explained to them that the Bible is ABSOLUTE TRUTH. It is the ultimate guide that we line things up with and see how it compares. We had a great discussion on what was accurate and what was made up in the movie.

This made me realize how important it is to show your children your Biblical world view. If they have a question about doctrine, false teachers, false prophets, drunkenness, Evolution vs. Creation, ect., where should you go to find those answers? Go to the Bible, they are all in there. The important thing is that you are taking time to sit down with your children and look up Scripture. They are seeing you go to the Bible for answers; so hopefully, when they are older they will in turn do the same thing.

When I am disciplining, especially, I always try to bring it back to the Bible. We always talk about why God doesn’t like such and such behavior. Does it bless Him? Does it please His heart? Does it hurt His heart? I always remind the children that Jesus died on the cross so that that sin would be forgiven.

So the next time you and your children watch a movie or read a book (even if it’s a Christian one) have that Bible ready! It has the answers you need! Be an example! Be a Seeker of Truth and they will become one as well!

From One Mom to Another,


motherofmany said...

Very good point. I also noticed a few years ago that the set of Bible videos we bought was lacking in scriptural accuracy. I think they try to soften the blow for kids, but then you set up a faulty foundation forever! The big one, ask Ken Ham pointed out, is the tiny little ark. You couldn't fit all the animals on that thing, so many a highschooler has lost their faith when science class makes more sense.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

You are right. We are always looking out for those details that are inconsistent with the Word.

I am now reading a chapter a day from the Bible in order. It is filling in a lot of those details that "children's Bibles" miss. Thank you for your comment!

OurLilFullFam said...

We had this same problem when we watched a story about Ruth - man whoever made that really took some artistic liscense with that! I was glad we looked it up and showed what was true and what was not!


Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

Good stuff, Stace! I love going to the Word when we have a question. It is a good habit for children to learn when they are young.

Camille said...

WONDERFUL post Stacie! How blessed we are to have HIS Word! You are right...everything is in there that we must know. How precious that you are teaching your children to seek HIM and the answers they need in HIS Word!

In His Love,

Trisha said...

Great words! His Word is the measure of all things, and it's been such a blessing to put this belief in action in our home!

Wonderful encouragement you've given to mothers to be so intentional in this. Blessings to you!

LizyBeth said...

So true... Always go back to The Truth! We love using movies a conversation starters.

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